Not a List of Rules - South Asia

Wednesday 12 Oct

New believer's eyes are being opened to the hope of God's Word.

“In August and September, I (Ryan) returned to South Asia for two weeks. The bulk of this time was spent with 25 of our development organisation staff in a seven day training and wellbeing program. After a really intense couple of years, where their usual work has been added to by the needs emerging from the pandemic, this time to stop and invest in their own development and wellbeing was really well received. 

During the week, we walked through the first half of the book of Mark and explored how the life and teachings of Jesus are relevant to our daily lives (and especially to our staff as they work amongst those who are poor). 

For many of our staff, this was the first time they had explored the scripture in this way and they were so excited by what they were discovering.

There was much encouraging feedback, but the following from a relatively new believer summed up the week: "I used to think the scriptures were just a list of moral rules, but now I'm coming to see them as God's unfolding plan for the world."  Amazing!

At the end of the week our staff team decided that we need to continue this training as a quarterly staff wellbeing program.” - Ryan, South Asia Team Leader

Pray for Ryan and the team as they plan the next steps. And lift up the B believers as they reflect on God's Word and continue to grow stronger in their faith. « Back to News