One Person After Another - South East Asia

Wednesday 09 Jun

This is a story of God's Spirit at work.

Phillip* grew up in a very poor family in South East Asia. He didn't have opportunities for much education. But God in His kindness reached out to Phillip, and Phillip came to know and put his trust in Jesus. He entered into God's Kingdom.

Since that time, Phillip has had a desire to share the good news with others. He works with our team in our community development initiatives, particularly working with local scavenger communities. These communities are about the lowest rung on the social ladder in South East Asia.

Phillip lives a very simple lifestyle with his wife. They live in a tiny little house. But Phillip is constantly engaged in sharing good news about Jesus with those that he comes into contact with. One person after another hears the good news and comes into the Kingdom because of Phillip's sharing.

Those people in turn will then share with their spouse and children. And in this way the Kingdom is starting to spread from household to household.

Phillip gathers some of the people that have become leaders in this small movement from different parts of our city. Together with some of our other local workers, he disciples these people, and teaches them how to establish small house churches in their homes from which they can in turn share with other people.

This is an exciting story! A simple man, someone who Jesus may have referred to as the least of these, but someone who is precious in His sight and someone who is making a difference for the Kingdom.

Thank you for your partnership with our team as they partner with people like Phillip, providing opportunities for employment which opens doors to naturally enter into communities and share the good news.

Will you continue to pray for our team as they seek to minister in partnership with people like Philip and others? Please pray that the Kingdom of God will continue to grow in this part of the world.

Watch Team Leader Dave share this story: (contact for password)

*For the protection of local believers and Global Interaction's ongoing ministry, Phillip is not his real name.
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