Whole of Creation Care - South East Asia

Wednesday 14 Sep

A new faith community gathers in South East Asia.

The passionate team in South East Asia crosses the street with the hope of Jesus every day. Here, Max and Ezzie share about one avenue for impact, Creation Care.

"Creation Care has been a ministry platform for the South East Asia team since 2016. The initiative runs activities for social and community development among underprivileged communities, along with environmental campaigns and activities.

One of key ministry initiatives is the Trash Bank. This has been set up to connect and serve the Scavenger community, who are seen as very low on the social ladder in South East Asia.
During 2021, the Trash Bank collected around 133 tonnes of trash from its network of Scavengers.

  1. To contribute to waste solution and help protect the environment
  2. To support and empower Scavengers and their families by purchasing their collected  recyclable trash for a fair price
  3. To build relationships with the Scavengers and bring about emotional and spiritual transformation

Praise God that some Scavengers are gathering as a faith community through the Trash Bank! They meet every week to study the word of God together. 

One of them is a man who has a deep passion to share about Jesus and reach out to new people. One of these new people is Abel, who has gone through various challenges in his life but was brought to Jesus by this man.

Before this, Abel lived a life of heartache and pain. He had even considered ending his own life. Now he has been transformed by Christ. Praise God! Pray with us that the good news of Jesus will be shared with many throughout this community." - Max and Ezzie, team members in South East Asia « Back to News