Spiritual Conversations - South East Asia

Wednesday 28 Jun

Through the cafe, Miss I has the opportunity to hear about Jesus.  

One of the team's ministries among the S.I people of South East Asia is a cafe. This is run to offer employment and skills training to S.I people. Intercultural Worker Wanda is forming connections through the cafe with local staff and is increasingly having spiritual conversations with them.

Miss I is 21 years old and joined the cafe staff last November in a role of cashier/waitress. She is a very pleasant girl and diligent in her Muslim faith. Over time, she has become comfortable to chat with Wanda and initiate conversations related to faith. A couple of months ago she asked about getting to Heaven. Wanda followed up this conversation at a later time, seeking to deepen the conversation. 

Recently she had a motorbike accident on the way home from work so Wanda visited her at home and met her parents. Join Wanda in praying that Miss I will be open to hearing about Jesus and Wanda will be sensitive to the Spirit and be used to speak into her life. 

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