Stay Close While I am Away - Thailand

Wednesday 14 Feb

A small Bible study group faithfully meets...

N (75) K (65) and Ka (63) are Ethnic Thai people living in a remote village in Northern Thailand.

They were introduced to the Global Interaction team by family members who wanted their loved ones to experience the same transforming power of Jesus that they had. Over time, through prayer, teaching and discussion, N, K and Ka became followers of Jesus, and meet often to worship and study the scriptures. Before going on Home Assignment, team member Muana left the small group with eight Bible study lessons to use while he and Villy were away. Muana was unsure if they would continue to meet, but trusted God to stay close to this little group of believers.

When Muana returned, he was surprised and excited to find the group had completed all the Bible studies and were keen to learn more. Ka now leads the group’s worship times and discussions of the scriptures. K has shared many times with Muana, saying, “If you did not come and tell us, we would have never heard about Jesus and his teachings”.

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