Wednesday 01 Jul

A Khmer man learns to play tennis and about Jesus.

Last year 24 year old Som was a Buddhist Monk. He worked day and night to help contribute to his family rice-farming income. One day Intercultural Worker Scott needed assistance at a local school and asked Som to help. This sparked a newfound passion for Som….tennis, so Scott began training him as a coach. He began sharing life with Som through sharing meals, working together and enjoying fun family activities.

Som was able to teach Scott and Janelle about Khmer culture while they were able to demonstrate lives that follow Jesus’ examples. Som showed increasing interest in stories about Jesus, studying the Bible with Scott and learning how to pray. While Som has many unanswered questions about faith in Jesus, he is enthusiastic about the practical nature of the Gospel and how the truth spoken of in the Bible can be applied to this life, making it real. 

Pray that God fills Som’s heart with His Spirit and gives him the understanding he is seeking. Remember the team in Cambodia as they share the Gospel with the Khmer people.  « Back to News