Slowly Faith Grows - Thailand

Wednesday 19 Jul

After initially being unsure, Mrs B and her granddaughter are now part of the faith community.

Over time, the team serving among the Ethnic Thai have developed a good friendship with Mrs B. Although she was very friendly and generous towards the team and other believers in the community, she initially told them that she was not interested in Jesus. She began allowing her granddaughter to be involved with the faith community, though she did not take part herself. Each week, she seemed interested to hear about what her granddaughter was involved in at the faith community. 

Team member Petina previously lived next door to Mrs B and her granddaughter. After spending time in Australia on Home Assignment, Petina was extremely excited to find out that now both Mrs B and her granddaughter are regularly involved in the faith community.  
Thank God for the way He is opening up Mrs B’s heart to learn more about Him and using the team to share His love with her and her granddaughter. Pray that the team will be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading as they build friendships within the community.  « Back to News