Giving it all to God - Thailand

Wednesday 17 Oct

In a situation out of her comfort zone, Liz knows it has to be all God.

A few months ago Liz met the head monk of the local temple who asked her if she would teach him English. Although keen to develop this relationship and follow through with this community connection, teaching English in this context would require Liz to step out of her comfort zone. 

As Liz drove to the temple for the first lesson, she nervously prayed, ‘God, this has to be all you. Give me the words you want me to say. I feel a bit out of my depth here God, but I’ll give it a go.’ The first class consisted of the head monk, three novice monks, Liz and volunteer home school teachers from Australia. After short introductions and lots of laughs, Liz felt her nerves settle.

In removing the notebook from her bag, a small copy of the story of Jonah fell out. The monk noticed it and surprised Liz by saying, ‘I have read this story once before. I have also read Adam and Eve.’ As a teenager, this monk had spent some time at a Catholic church. Amazingly, the monk then held the Jonah book and said to Liz, ‘We can read these too if 
you like.’!

Thank God for the way His hand is clearly over this situation and pray that His Spirit will grow a desire in the monk’s hearts to know Him.     « Back to News