The Café - South East Asia

Wednesday 09 Oct

The Café is relaunched!  

In recent months, Daz and Bee have taken over the responsibility of the Café set up by Luke and Felicity and then passed on to Wanda and Andy. This project was established as an avenue to train and upskill local people in hospitality, as well as build a community where friendships can be built and faith shared. 

Daz and Bee have dedicated time to discerning the future of the Café and seeking God’s leading. They and the team are working towards the Café being sustainable as a business and as a part of this goal, they invited a consultant to review their practices and identify areas that could be improved. The consultant, Miss A, was a breath of fresh air! She spent an intense week at the Café, reviewing everything and offering advice to improve efficiency. She guided them through the next steps and trained staff. In the midst of this, the rebrand of the Café was completed and the Café was relaunched. 

Despite the challenges of running a Café in another culture and language, Daz and Bee are feeling a renewed sense of hope and excitement for the future of this ministry. They are so thankful for the foundations laid by previous team members and believe that this has given them a great launching pad for their ministry over coming years.   « Back to News