The Gift of Hope - South Asia

Wednesday 08 Dec

In an uncertain world, we have a certain hope to share.

Throughout 2021, our intercultural teams have shared stories of God at work in the communities they live and serve. They are modelling Jesus with us. They are modelling our loving God who moves into the human neighbourhood. Sharing the hope of Jesus amid great uncertainty and pain. 

As we enter the advent season and reflect on the certain hope that only Jesus can bring, here's a story to encourage us from South Asia. As you read it, be encouraged of the difference your partnership makes.

Simon is young man in South Asia from the major religious tradition. He’s married with a young child. He has been searching for more in life, even in the great uncertainty where he lives. A very small percentage of his community identify as followers of Jesus and most people do now know someone who can share the good news with them.

And yet Simon's uncle came to know Jesus! And the Global Interaction team and staff from our partner NGO were there to journey with him in his faith. While he experienced opposition from his family, he was able maintain close connections with them. Then, years later he was able to model faith to his nephew, Simon.

He includes Simon in culturally appropriate Bible studies, hosted by local staff of Global Interaction’s partner NGO. And the good news comes alive in Simon’s life as he discovers the hope of Jesus.

Simon was recently leading one of these studies. He said, “It’s great to be able to share in these studies and to search the Bible for ourselves. In ways we understand. Jesus my saviour taught me I don’t need to go to a special place or follow special rules or rituals. But through Him and the Holy Spirit, I can worship God wherever I am. This is the amazing freedom I have discovered in Jesus.

And now Simon is sharing that freedom with others. A humble, passionate follower of Jesus, bringing hope in a very unexpected place.

Will you join us in praying for many more in South Asia to have Simon’s experience? This Christmas, will you join with other supporters to bring someone the certain hope of Jesus?

You can make a hope-sharing gift through our Christmas appeal here: ‚Äč « Back to News