The Power of Witness - Thailand

Wednesday 20 Dec

Mr M meets Jesus.

Mr M, like many young Thai men, was ordained as a novice (young monk). His path was laid out before him… He would leave his village for the city, he would enrol at a Buddhist University and graduate with a bachelor degree. For Mr M, growing up in a small farming community in Northern Thailand, he knew little about Jesus and what he did know came from television. 

During his university studies Mr M came into contact with team members Muana and Villy. In time, he began his own exploration into the life of Jesus. Mr M chose to follow Jesus and we celebrate that he was baptised alongside three others in February this year. God had people in place to share with Mr M, pray with him and support him. Now Mr M is doing the same for his own community.

This story highlights the power of witness. As our people are called, prepared and sent out as part of the Global Interaction family, they are bearing witness to Jesus on behalf of Australian Baptists, to the least-reached.

Please prayerfully consider whether you can partner today by giving to support Global Interaction teams as they invite people to meet Jesus and be transformed by Him.

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