Through all Seasons

Wednesday 22 Jul

Scott Pilgrim reflects on Jesus’ beautiful presence among the two different crowds of Luke 7.

One of my favourite passages in the Scriptures is found in Luke 7, where we read of a crowd following Jesus from Capernaum. There is a sense of faith and exuberance as Jesus has healed the Roman officer’s slave. Soon this excited crowd rub shoulders with another group – a funeral procession – led by a woman who has lost her husband and now her only son. I think Luke wants us to stop and see the two crowds in this passage; because as the two groups intersect, Jesus is right in the middle.

I read this story and at times I identify with one crowd more than the other. Some days, weeks and seasons I quickly align with the faith and exuberance of the first crowd. There are other times when I know the pain and brokenness of the second group. And I am so very thankful, that no matter which group I stand in today, Jesus is in the midst. He is front and centre. He is there with me in all seasons of life and ministry. 

That’s a promise for all of us to hold onto afresh in these stretching and unusual days. Thank you for your continuing prayers for our mission community.
Strategic Mission Week:
We’re thankful that more than 110 people from across Australia and the globe participated in last week’s Strategic Mission Week. While we missed gathering physically in Perth as planned, it was exciting to see how the online format enabled more people, from so many different places, to engage and share in some great input and stimulating conversations about Jesus, God’s invitation to mission, contextualisation and spiritual/ministry practices and formation.
Please join me in praying that all participants would this week discern key points of application and next steps – be they already engaged in inter-cultural work or considering a call to local or global mission. A very big thank you to our amazing organising team headed up by Susan Campbell. Congratulations team on a great week and the way you responded with creativity and adaptability to the pandemic challenge.
In the coming months we will be seeking to develop an engagement strategy that will allow better connection and communication with former Global Interaction team members. We’re seeking to get feedback from former team members as we look how we might formally establish an alumni. I would love to hear from you if you have ideas or if you’re interested in assisting with this initiative.

Leadership Team Retreat:
The Leadership Team met on Monday and Tuesday this week. The team discussed a number of key issues including the ongoing impact of the pandemic on our work and teams, our 2021-2025 Roadmap, financial sustainability and our future Australian staffing model. We’re excited by the opportunities ahead, but at this time we face some big challenges. It was good as a team to come together, pray, share in Communion, encourage each other and seek the Spirit’s leading. We realise our absolute need for God to lead us as we look to our future as a mission community. 

As we do this, we know how important prayer is – so thank you for your prayers. Thank you for partnering with us. It means so much to us.

Take care.
Serving Jesus Together
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