Trusting God with it All - Malawi

Wednesday 27 Jun

Day by day, a Yawo woman trusts God.

From team member Melanie:
Mama Shakila sits under a shelter made of bamboo. She has been there since sunrise and will stay until evening. She feels blessed to have a garden; the soil is fertile and close to the river. She has begun to sell the Chinese cabbage; the money coming in makes her heart swell. She is doing it, making her way in life. Mama Shakila has five children and wanting the best for them, she works to make it happen. Suddenly she jumps, waving her arms and shouting. Rocks flying and goats scattering everywhere, far enough away to miss the rocks but close enough to enjoy Mama Shakila’s tomatoes.

She will battle goats the entire day. The hippos will come at night. Can she beat them? I do not know, but we sit together and pray. We pray over the field, for her kids, for her husband and for their future. Mama Shakila trusts God and she won’t stop now. I will continue to love Mama Shakila, and help her to help herself. My charity is not needed, my friendship is. We learn from each other, journeying together in our faith and praying for other local women, waiting on God for His answers.

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