Vibrant Partnerships

Wednesday 13 Oct

Scott shares about a new season of collaboration with the Global Baptist movement.

One of the outcomes envisaged in our 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap is the growth of vibrant, strategic partnerships. 

Partnership is at the heart of our organisation. Our workers in Asia, Africa and Outback Australia can only do what they do through the generous and faithful partnership of supporters and churches across the nation. 

Beyond these vital support partnerships, we benefit from strong ministry partnerships in a number of locations, including our long-term work in South Asia and expanding missional initiatives across South East Asia.

Looking ahead, we’re working to strengthen collaborative relationships across Australia with Baptist State Associations and with other key regional and global Baptist bodies.

Given we have identified a strong Asia focus in the expansion of our ministries, it is very encouraging to have strengthened our collaborative relationship with the Asia Pacific Baptist Federation, a body that represents 65 Baptist conventions in 22 nations.

As part of this collaboration, and with funding support from Global Interaction, an APBF Director of Mission has been recently appointed. A key aspect of this new role will be to harness partnership opportunities across the region.

As we look at the Asia Pacific, it’s estimated that 2.8 billion people are yet to hear the good news of Jesus in a way that makes sense to them in their culture. And further, we see the growing humanitarian needs that exist across the region. In a collaborative response to these great needs and a renewed commitment to integral mission the APBF recently issued a 'Commitment to Holistic Transformation Statement', which you can read here.

The needs in Asia are huge and we are committed to playing our part in God’s mission in the region, but we recognise that innovative and strategic partnership with other mission agencies will be essential in our vision to see vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.

Looking beyond the Asia Pacific, Global Interaction is playing a part in the vision to establish a global Baptist mission agency network. 

It’s an exciting vision; to see Baptist mission agencies from across the world coming together to facilitate learning, resourcing and new partnership initiatives. 

This vision is in an embryonic stage, and I have joined a small global steering group with the aim of seeing the network launched in 2023. 

These encouraging collaborative relationships are just a few of many other partnership opportunities we are pursuing as a mission community. 

We’ve been partnering with others throughout our history and in a rapidly changing world, we see vibrant, innovative partnerships an essential part of God’s preferred future for our mission community. 

Thank you for your partnership with us. Across the street, the nation and overseas, we thank God for all our co-workers in the good news of Jesus! 

Grace and peace
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