Witnessing God at Work - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 13 Feb

Each conversation and every little interaction matters. 

At the end of 2018, Melissa spent a short time with the team in the Silk Road Area. Below she reflects on her experiences and how she saw God use the team... in every 'little' thing. 

“The Community Centre where they do English classes is in the middle of town and is bustling with kids, teens and adults all eager to learn English. I had the privilege to sit in on a few classes and see the passion of Ben as he taught English to equally passionate students. 

The classes I sat in on were intermediate which meant the students’ level of English was pretty good. We were able to ask each other questions about our lives and cultures. The conversations highlighted for me the cultural importance placed on relationships… the students had such a warm and welcoming nature. While there was nothing exceptional about these conversations, the experience was one of warmth and joy and it continues to stay with me. I loved witnessing the relationships the team had built with so many people throughout the town, in the English centre and at local stores and restaurants, and the meaningful conversations they were able to have in the local language.” « Back to News