Getting to Know Jesus - Mozambique

Wednesday 06 Jul

Yawo women are hearing about Jesus.

"Please pray for a group of women who live in a village near my team mates and I. A couple of months ago they asked me to come visit  them. During that time they responded "yes" to the question, “Would you like to know Jesus?”. Now, each week we visit this family. Would you pray for them as we read stories from God’s word and pray with them.

One lady is thought to be influenced by evil spirits, another cannot walk or talk and another is thought to have cancer. They are all a part of the same family and we are asking God to heal them and show them Jesus.

Please pray these ladies will move towards Jesus, know His love and trust Him. We also thank God for this opportunity to sit with these ladies each week and their willingness to listen to God’s word.” - Sally, Intercultural Team Member in Mozambique

Pray for the team as they seek to be witnesses of Jesus in the communities around them. Thank God for the continued opportunities they have to be a part of God’s plan. May God give them strength and perseverance in the places He puts them. « Back to News