Overcoming Suspicion – Thailand

Wednesday 27 Sep

Genuine relationships of trust take time

Our Ethnic Thai team members can sometimes feel they walk under a cloud of suspicion. It seems that Ethnic Thai people can sometimes see Christians insincere and only interested in making friends in order to get them to convert. This can be a great barrier to building relationships as locals can be reluctant to make any kind of real connection and they remain guarded about sharing personally about life and family. 

It takes patience and much time to build a relationship of genuine trust. Team leader, Muana, who has served in Thailand since 2001 has developed such a friendship with his local barber. He knows that Muana is a genuine friend and over recent years has invited Muana into conversations about things that are important to him. He asks Muana to pray for him. Other Thai patrons in the barber shop listen into the conversations and trust and respect is built. It is these conversations that Jesus is being shared and life discovered. 

Please pray for the Ethnic Thai people and Muana and his team as they share life together. May they continue to discover and negotiate the presence of Jesus in their midst.

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