“We know what real love is because Jesus gave up His life for us… Dear children, let’s not just talk about love, let’s practise real love, a love marked by Christ-like action.” - 1 John 3:16a & 18


Dear Friends, 

Across the world today Baptist Mission Australia team members and our ministry partners are coming alongside others, expressing in a myriad of ways, what the Apostle John describes as, “real love, a love marked by Christ-like action”.

With your valuable partnership “real love” is being expressed in Mangochi, Malawi. Team member Joyce is coming alongside women from impoverished communities and equipping them with tailoring skills. These women can now establish income-generating micro businesses, which will make a real difference to their family’s wellbeing and dignity. As they learn, the women are seeing the gospel in action and hearing about the hope of Jesus in ways that make sense to them in their culture.

Yes, you can be sure of one thing. Your support of our team members, projects and ministry partners will enable more people to experience the love of Jesus in action! 

Will you make a special gift of partnership today?

Our theme for May Mission Month this year has been Alongsiders. Together, we’ve been exploring how we can all journey alongside neighbours and friends, sharing God’s love through word and deed. Our team members are living as alongsiders. And as you come alongside them, you’re making a Kingdom investment! You’re helping us model the compassionate, life-transforming love.

Your gift today empowers our teams to live as alongsiders. Embodying Jesus and serving as His hands and feet.

That’s what Petra is doing on the Silk Road. Petra is a young Australian woman making a Kingdom difference, as she combines her compassionate heart and occupational therapy experience. In a culture where shame, guilt and judgement surrounds disability. And where children with disabilities are often pushed to the edges of the community, Petra is modelling another way. She is modelling the way of Jesus. 

Petra is coming alongside children living with disabilities and their families. She is building trusting relationships with other healthcare colleagues. She can speak with government leaders in the local language. She has identified the challenges, and together with others, she can see solutions. And God’s Spirit continues to open doors of opportunity for her to model “real love”.

Can I invite you to come alongside us? Can I ask you to join me in supporting our wonderful team members, ministry partners and transformative projects? 
I invite you to be part of the change! 

Grace and peace,

Scott Pilgrim, Executive Director

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