Dear Friends, 

Do you have a favourite place to walk? What’s the longest distance you’ve ever walked?

The first Christmas story begins with a walk. Mary and Joseph walked from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Did you know there’s 145km between the two towns? I’ve never walked that far! Have you?

But walking was a regular part of life for Mary and Joseph, and also for Jesus. 

It’s also a regular part of life for your intercultural team member Sally, in Mozambique. She lives in a small town in northern Mozambique, sharing the good news of Jesus with the Yawo. 

Sally told me: “Walking is the way we get anywhere in Mozambique. My neighbours walk. I walk. We have to walk to neighbouring villages. In the dry season, it’s dusty and very hot. In the wet season, we have to go through puddles, and dodge lightning bolts!”

Walking even enters Sally’s conversations with people. She was speaking recently with her culture and language nurturer, Adija, who is a faithful Muslim woman. Adija attends the local mosque and even speaks some Arabic. But Sally’s had a great opportunity to connect with her.

And during Ramadan, Adija had this insight about Jesus. Sally and Adija had been going through the journey of the Israelites together. Their very long walk and the wait for the promised land. They’d read about manna together. How God showed up and provided. 

Adija linked the manna with Jesus. “Jesus is the manna God has provided Christians with,” she said. 

Adija doesn’t know Jesus yet. But she loves God and is getting a revelation about who Jesus is. God is working through Sally’s relationship with her. 

As we read on in the Gospels, Jesus is often walking alongside people and bringing transformation – healing sickness, exorcising demons, forgiving sins, speaking truth, modelling God’s love and compassion. 

And at the end of Matthew’s Gospel, we as followers of Jesus are called to take up the example of Jesus. We’re called to cross the street as disciple makers, to cross the street embodying the good news of Jesus by word and deed.

Sally is crossing streets in Mozambique with your partnership support. She is walking into villages as a beacon of hope and light. 

Will you make a gift today so that more people in Mozambique and around the world will keep hearing about Jesus? 

Your Partner in Christ,

Scott Pilgrim
Executive Director

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*For the protection of local believers and Baptist Mission Australia's ongoing ministry, Adija is not her real name.