Dear Friends, 

Do you remember when you first encountered Jesus? Do you remember how the good news of Jesus changed your life?

Today, you can help someone experience the love of Jesus in their life.

Your partnership sends workers out into the harvest. Workers like Dave and Caz. When Jesus appears to His first followers He said: “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” When you sit with Caz and Dave, you realise how secure they are in their identity in Christ. They know they have been sent like the Son! They know they are led and empowered by the Holy Spirit. They know the importance of being in tune with God’s plans.

Because people partner with Dave and Caz, they are able to cross the street and invite people to meet Jesus where they are. Your partnership helps people meet Jesus. People like Rivkah.

20 years ago, God gave Dave and Caz the vision to start an Education Foundation. 12 years ago it began. And the Spirit led them to come alongside a woman named Rivkah. Rivkah came to faith through Dave and Caz sharing with her. She was the first believer in her village and extended family. She is now one of the senior staff at the Education Foundation.

Jesus sent Mary. Jesus sent the other disciples. Jesus sent Caz and Dave. Jesus is calling you! Your partnership helps workers like Dave and Caz cross the street and live the Gospel around the world. It helps people like Rivkah hear about Jesus.

Rivkah still works for the foundation. She is now sent. Like Dave and Caz. Like you. She knows what it means to cross the street to share her faith. She has led others to faith and is passionate about stepping out in Jesus’ name. Rivkah goes, because people like you helped send Caz and Dave.

2000 years ago, Mary encountered the risen Lord Jesus in the Garden. Jesus sent Mary. Jesus sent Dave and Caz to South East Asia. Jesus is now sending Rivkah. So many others have come to know Jesus through the work of the Foundation.

Will you make a gift today so that more people in South East Asia and around the world will keep hearing about Jesus? 

Your Partner in Christ,

Scott Pilgrim
Executive Director

i will partner today               

*For the protection of local believers and Baptist Mission Australia's ongoing ministry, Rivkah is not her real name.