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Baptist Mission Australia has a long and fruitful partnership with Baptists in North East India, and there is an exciting new ministry opportunity commencing October 2022!
The Rabha Baptist Convention (RBC) have seen an increase of new families from another faith move into the region. Through their work as traders, farmers and labourers, they come in direct contact with the Rabha believers daily and even welcome the open conversations about life and faith. These new neighbours have been asking and talking about similarities between the two faiths; a few have even decided to follow Jesus! 
The RBC and local believers want to make the most of this opportunity to share their faith in Jesus and have asked for us to partner with them in their training. To help equip and mobilise this emerging intercultural workforce from among our traditional ministry partners, we will provide training in areas to do with culture and mission, practical evangelism and topics specific to their neighbours. Only 4% of Rabhas profess to follow Jesus.
With R’s research into a mission mobilisation program in the broader Asian context and our long-term partnership with the Rabha, we are excited to come alongside our friends and help them feel confident in sharing their faith contextually.
This project covers the following costs for a pilot intercultural training program with the Lower Assam Baptist Fellowship:
  • Renovation of a guest house
  • Hospitality 
  • A budget to contribute towards RBC’s hosting costs 
  • Travel for trainers and participants
  • Ancillary set up expenses, such as for a photocopier 
Partner with the Rabha believers in their first intercultural work as they make the most of this rare opportunity, cross a cultural boundary and share the good news of Jesus with their new neighbours!
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