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9/2/23 Update:
Thank you for your generous support, this project is currently fully covered. The project is now underway! A building has been leased and the first staff member has been hired, bringing great hope and anticipation for what is to come. Rachel and Luke are excited to see plans come together, with your prayer and financial partnership, and look toward to getting it officially up and running for local Khmer clients soon! 
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Project Code: CMhu401

This project will establish a play and learning space for children with disabilities in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It will provide a sensory and communication rich play environment that allows children with disabilities and their families to learn and practice strategies and skills to improve behaviour, play, daily living and communication skills through support by intervention staff that will be trained through the project.

It will provide access to longer term interventions and a support community for families that is not currently available and it enables them to interact with other families in a similar situation for increased support.
There will be three key elements to provide better learning and social outcomes:
  1. Establishing a safe space for learning and play for children with disabilities
  2. Training and supporting parents and families of children with disabilities
  3. Training staff members to work with these children and their families
Long-term speech pathology input is not yet available in Siem Reap. In fact, there is only one organisation offering therapy to children with disabilities in the region. Rachel, with over 20 years’ experience in the paediatric therapy sector, in full partnership with that organisation, sees the need and is stepping into that space to address the need.
Through this project, Khmer children with disabilities, and their families, will be professionally supported to participate more fully in their communities. The way this will be done is by assisting the children to develop functional skills through access to long-term therapy input.
Partnering with Rachel and Luke in this project means Khmer children with disabilities and their families have a long-term therapy support network in Siem Reap. It means these children have the opportunity to change their outcomes for the better, gain independence and be able to participate more fully in their communities as they grow and develop into youth and adults.  
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