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9/2/23 Update:
Thank you for your continued partnership with our team on this project. Due to team changes over the past year, the direction of the project is in transition. A local restauranteur has sub-let the café space, as well as all the equipment. Their lease is in negotiation and they are slowly purchasing the equipment they have leased.

The team is discerning a refresh for the direction of the project, making it more specific, simplified and focused on skills-based training. As soon as this can be shared, we look forward to updating you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The project remains open and active.
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Project Code: CMwh605

Across the world, we have all seen the challenges of COVID emerge, and in Siem Reap this is no different. The collapse of the tourist industry has meant loss of income for so many families in the region and the team is taking the opportunity to provide skills training to further support the Khmer as they look to rebuild income streams. 

Prior to 2020, Siem Reap had over a million tourists every year, but since the pandemic it has become a ghost town. While tourists are gradually returning, it is still a slow and challenging task to rebuild livelihoods. 

Debt is a huge problem, with many households taking out micro loans with significant interest rates that leave them struggling even more and limited opportunities to pay back the loan. The debt consequently increases rapidly and cripples entire households as family members all pitch in to try and pay minimum repayments but are never able to get ahead. 

The team members in Cambodia have identified that debt entrapment is a key issue that destroys families and lack of education around finances adds to the already critical problem. 

Combining skills and experience, the team members are coming alongside local Khmer facing these significant challenges. A small business training centre has been established and is exploring specific and relevant skills-based training to offer both individuals and small groups at varying levels. 

Supporting this project provides team members with practical resources to partner with Khmer people in changing their future and preparing them for a new era of tourism and opportunities to come. 

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