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Baptist Mission Australia’s Outback Team live in a remote community, approximately 300km northwest of Alice Springs. As an organisation, we are committed to teams as we strive to see our teams well supported and cared for, growing and thriving as they serve interculturally.
Each member is a vital part of the team and the Outback Team have not had a Team Leader dedicated to just this team for quite some time. At the start of 2020 this changed when Vivian became the Team Leader. Part of his role also involves him being a representative for Australian Baptist Ministries (ABM) and connecting further with the Baptist Union of the Northern Territory as each of our organisations further deepen and strengthen our partnership so that together we can better support Indigenous Baptists.
Vivian’s willingness to accept this role is facilitating a long-held need in Outback Australia and we are so grateful for the opportunities that lie ahead to enrich relationships and build on the strong foundations already established – to better support Indigenous communities and Baptist churches in remote areas of Outback Australia.
The funding for the project makes the travel and communication logistics possible and provides a solid foundation for the relationships to grow, develop and create a stronger sense of team and network to build and support faith communities in Outback Australia.
    Team members involved in this project:
  • Vivian

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