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17/12/23 - With the Roger Kemp Training Institute opening in Zambia, there are exciting short-term volunteer opportunities for people to teach in areas including bricklaying, carpentry, IT, tailoring, teaching, hairdressing. 

Could this be you? Get in touch with our team if you are keen to use your skills to make a difference in the lives of communities in Zambia. You would be investing in the futures of people who currently have very limited education and income generating opportunities. We're looking for volunteers to teach from 1-3 months in 2024. 

18/7/23 - Redson in Zambia writes, "All the materials for the roofing, plumbing, electricity and ceiling board were procured. We are finished the roofing of both the main block and the toilets. The wall fence is also in progress and next week we shall start the ceiling board.

We are hoping and planning to train about 50 women from CBAZ in tailoring from the end of August to the start of September. Barbara Kemp will be the Trainer. We are grateful for all the support you have rendered to us." 
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Project Code: ZZpp601

The CBAZ Holistic Transformation project will enable the establishment of a skills training centre in Kipiri Mposhi, a regional centre in Central Zambia and the home base of the Central Baptist Association of Zambia.

This centre will provide life-transforming skills training and employment and income- generating opportunities for vulnerable youth and women from impoverished communities in Central Zambia. Participants will have access to a range of vocational training options, such as micro business skills, bricklaying, carpentry, sewing and hairdressing. Relevant skills training provides long-term opportunities for at-risk Zambians. 

The centre is being developed as part of a new partnership agreement between CBAZ and Baptist Mission Australia.

Zambia is a country experiencing significant poverty, with significant population growth expected by 2025. One key reason is the country’s extremely high adolescent pregnancy rate. In seeking to respond with a proactive, holistic response, CBAZ leadership see a vital need to support at-risk youth and vulnerable women.

Success will see participants experience greater dignity, independence, choice, financial and social inclusion in the community as well as the opportunity to earn an income, supporting themselves and family members. 

Support for this project is tax deductible. 

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