The H people of Central Asia

Population: 14 million
Main Trade: Agriculture, business and service industries
Main Religion: Islam
Key Challenges: Cultural barriers between the H people and the majority people group
Fact: The H people are known as excellent business people


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Living among the H people

“Our H friends face pressures from all directions, be it in finding a marriage partner or sustainable work, providing for children and aging parents, or in dealing with restrictions on their faith and way of life. 

As we journey alongside them, those we are closest to openly share their struggles with us. Please pray that we would be wise, authentic bearers of the tangible love of Jesus and that our H friends would know the true freedom that only He brings.” - Pete

The H people are naturally inquisitive and many are searching for meaning to their lives. More than 95% are Muslim and 0.01% are known to follow Jesus. Food, socialising and hospitality are important cultural activities for H people. They are known to be entrepreneurial with many families running businesses in the hospitality industry.

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