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Ben and Sam's Story

Following a decade in Mozambique, Ben and Sam have returned to Australia and will conclude the service with Baptist Mission Australia at the end of April 2024. Pray with us for the family during this time of transition and re-settling into life in Australia. Thank you for your faithful partnerhship with Sam and Ben over many years of ministry!


Ben and Samantha, with their three children Elizabeth, Anna, and Finlay, live in the capital city of Mozambique’s Niassa province, Lichinga. They have lived there, serving among  the Yawo since 2014.

There is no suitable school available for their three children and teaching them is one of Samantha’s key responsibilities. She is also learning culture and language with a local language nurturer, Ania, who she loves spending time with and sees as her Mozambican mum. They have a close bond and Samantha loves doing life together with her.

Ben is grateful for the opportunities he is having to share the Gospel and disciple followers of Jesus from Muslim backgrounds. He meets weekly with a group of men out the front of the main market place in Lichinga to read Scripture together and also meets regularly with a group of believers who are earnestly seeking to follow Jesus the Messiah.

While life in Niassa can often be challenging, Ben and Samantha feel very fortunate to  work there with Baptist Mission Australia and praise God for the way He is working in people’s lives, in families and among wider communities.

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Prayer Points

  • Pray for Ben and Samantha as they live and work among the Yawo people, that God would protect their family and provide good friendships
  • Ask God to continue to provide Ben and Samantha with a strong partnership team who support them prayerfully and financially
  • Pray for discernment to identify how God wants them to minister to the Yawo people they interact with daily

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