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Malawi has a chronic undersupply of electricity, regularly leaving people without power throughout the most productive times of the day. Students and Staff at the Baptist Theological Seminary of Malawi (BTSM) are often without power between 6am and 9pm, increasing the challenges to their theological studies and work. 

BTSM’s primary ministry is leadership development through their teaching program. It is the main training facility for Baptist pastors and leaders in Malawi and yet has limited electricity. 

Reading textbooks and writing assignments, preparing lessons and grading submissions is all extremely difficult without adequate lighting and power. Most current resources for theological research are only available electronically on library computers – the majority of students don’t own their own laptops. Their research times are determined by power supply. Even teachers are limited to active work hours as laptops have limited battery power. 

This project will fund the purchase and install of a battery-backed solar power system at BTSM in the main teaching areas, the library, staff offices and the chapel (where exams are held). This will provide lighting and internet access to better support students and staff on campus as they faithfully pursue their ministry opportunities through study and work. 

Partnering with this project supports the theological students and staff at BTSM who are there to be better equipped for ministry in Malawi.

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