Moved is a resource created for Australian Baptist churches that highlights the centrality of mission to our faith, develops awareness of current global mission issues and encourages a personal and community response.

There are few quality, Australian-made tools for church leaders that address global mission issues, and leaders are hungry for Biblically-sound, inspiring and creative resources. Moved is unique and timely for the Australian church. While the focus is Baptist churches, we welcome use by all churches.

Moved is an initiative from Global Interaction, with a different focus and purpose from other resources. While we incorporate some intercultural staff and locations, its purpose is not promotional. Instead, Moved is an educational tool to resource pastors as they teach, equip and inspire the church towards mission engagement locally and globally.

Moved is divided into three sessions, highlighting how the Spirit of God moves us into mission:
Session 1 - Moved by God
A biblical overview revealing God’s purpose to restore relationship with all people and his perseverance in using Israel and the early church to reach out to the nations.
Key texts: Genesis 12; Luke 4; Acts 10.
Session 2 - Moved by Others
Inspirational stories of God calling people into mission, highlighting the faithfulness and ordinariness of his followers.
Key texts: Acts 1, 8; Hebrews 11.
Session 3 - Moved by the Need
Reminded by God's heart to reach all people, we need cultural relevance, a global perspective and a dedicated response to the Spirit's prompting.
Key texts: Matthew 9, 28.