Research shows that the greatest value and most beneficial outcome will be experienced when a church commits to three consecutive weeks and uses all elements of the resource. When everybody in the church community is focusing on the same topic at the same time, there will be significant energy, enthusiasm and investment in the program.

However, the resource is designed for you to be able to ‘pick and choose’ elements that best suit your situation. Each session can be used as a stand-alone resource. Moved can be adapted to use in traditional or contemporary services, in pews or couches, by hundreds or a handful…at church camps, one-day seminars, Christian schools, mission committee meetings etc.

If a church were to participate in the complete Moved program, it would entail the following, over three weeks:

  • View a DVD during the service.
  • The pastor uses the Sermon Outline to support preaching.
  • Regular small groups (and others who create special groups for these studies) watch a longer version of the DVD. Each participant uses a Small Group Guide to refer to discussion notes.
  • Sunday School, Children’s Church or Children's Talk leaders use the Children’s Resources to guide lessons.
  • Youth Sunday School or Youth Group leaders use the Youth Resources to guide Bible studies and activities.
  • Small groups, prayer groups, pastoral leadership teams and others use the Prayer Resources, either during their regular time or during special focus prayer time.

MOVED Components

1. Resource Guide
The Resource Guide is designed to provide pastors and leaders with resources they need to make the most of the Moved experience.
It includes sermon outlines for each session as well as ideas for children’s, youth and prayer activities.
High quality, 36 page, full colour, A4 booklet.
2. DVD
The small group video is a two-part, full length (9 minute) clip and is designed for small groups or relaxed church services. The church video is a shorter (6 minute) version of the small group video and is designed to be played before or during a sermon. The interviews are responses of some intercultural workers to the topics. Each video has a distinct style and ‘feel’. They will be appreciated in different ways. See below for a taster of clips from each of the DVDs.

3. Small Group Guide
The individual guide for small group participants contains discussion notes, transcripts from the DVD, space to take notes and suggestions for prayer. Some churches may use the small group guides in a church service instead of, or complementary to, the sermon. This will work best where people are gathered around tables. High quality, 36 page, full colour, A5 booklet.