Global Interaction has created a series of 5 postcards to encourage and remind you and the members of your church of your roles in His mission to reach every person on this earth with His story of salvation.

In Acts 1:8, the three references to ‘you’, are not actually ‘You’ the individual, but ‘you’ as a group. You are a witness to something – what is your life saying about the one you claim to follow?

God wants to transform our lives and use us to transform the whole world. But He always starts with where we are right now. Who are you close to?

Jesus calls us to love our neighbours, and one of the first steps to knowing how to do this is to ask who these people are. Who are your neighbours?

When we talk about Samaritans, don’t think of kindly people who help, think of the hated and marginalised, and these people are your neighbour, someone you are called to love and that God’s mission extends even to them.

The call to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth means finding ways to witness to Jesus’ life in the languages and cultural contexts of those who have not yet heard, the least-reached.

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