Celebrating Milestones

Wednesday 30 Sep

Scott shares the latest news about Global Interaction’s Strategic Roadmap.

It’s good to take time to celebrate milestones; to affirm the importance of key marker points in our personal lives, families, churches and ministries and in so doing celebrate God’s faithfulness.
This past week we have celebrated a Global Interaction milestone – another significant step in our long faith story - with our Board enthusiastically endorsing our 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap. This exciting ‘living’ document describes what, under the Spirit’s leading, we see is God’s preferred vision for our mission community.  
Hundreds of voices from across our organisation and movement have spoken into the development of the Roadmap. It truly has been a team effort and we celebrate the shared discernment and wisdom of so many people.
As we look ahead, the Roadmap unites us afresh around our compelling vision, captured with fresh statements for a new season of mission together.
What we see 
Vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways 
Because nothing matters more than sharing God’s love for the world 
Through Spirit-led people, humbly contextualising the Good News in every place 
[A full version of the Roadmap document will be distributed later in the year across our movement and we will share a copy with all our partners.]
‘Living’ documents, like the Roadmap, need to shift, change and adapt to the ever-changing environment and context we live and serve in. But the endorsement of the Roadmap by the Board was a milestone moment, another key step in our unfolding mission story.
In the months ahead we’ll be moving to the next stage – working on implementation plans, establishing project teams, clarifying the priorities for 2021 and aligning it with our budget planning.
While this milestone has been reached, we don’t want the conversations to stop! We encourage you to keep listening, thinking, praying and communicating with us as together we discern where God is taking Global Interaction in an ever-changing world. 
I would like to take this opportunity to particularly thank Susan Campbell for her passionate ‘extra mile’ facilitation of the Roadmap process. We appreciate your great work!
As a mission community we can look back to so many faith milestones in our history. In seasons of joy and struggle, in periods of advancement and setback, in fruitful and arid times, people of faith have held fast to the vision of bringing the Good News of Jesus to others in ways that make sense to them in their culture and context. 
Despite the challenges of a pandemic, this week we remind ourselves of the privilege we have to play our part in our mission community’s future, as together we see vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.
Thank you for your ongoing partnership.
Serving Jesus Together
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