We are Baptist Mission Australia!

Thursday 06 Jan

Your questions about the new name answered.

With the new year comes a new name for Global Interaction. We are now Baptist Mission Australia.

Who is Baptist Mission Australia? from Baptist Mission Australia on Vimeo.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the name change. If your want to dive deeper into the thinking and discernment around the new name, then please get in touch with us. We'd love to discuss it with you. 

1. Why has the name changed from Global Interaction? 
During the past couple years Global Interaction has done a lot of thinking about the 2021 –2025 Strategic Roadmap. This involved listening to supporters, alumni, staff and intercultural workers, as well as seeking God’s leading. After much prayer and conversation there was discernment that it was an appropriate time to change the name.  

2. Is the mission changing? 
No. We remain committed to sharing the good news of Jesus in culturally understandable ways as we seek to see vibrant faith communities following Jesus in their own distinctive ways.  

3. Why was 'Baptist Mission Australia' chosen? 
Several options were discussed, but after a lot of discussion and feedback from people within our mission community it was felt that this simple name clearly reflects who we are: the intercultural mission arm of the Australian Baptist Movement. We are proud to part of a movement ear-marked by its commitment to mission.

4. Why am I still seeing 'Global Interaction' on some things? 
We are still in the process of transitioning all our material to the new name and brand. This will take time and over the coming weeks you see changes across our website and other resources. Thanks for your patience as our small communications team works hard to make all the changes to our new name.  

5. Will it impact my direct debit or credit card gifts? 
No, it should have no impact on this. This process will happen in the back end and there is nothing you need to do. You will notice a new name in the bank account, and on your receipts. 

6. Is this name change costly? 
We seek to be wise stewards of the money people so carefully and generously entrust us with. While there is a cost to changing an organisation’s name, it is minimised by the fact that the majority of our resources are digital. We also believe that changing the name is a good investment for the future as it opens up greater connection and engagement with Australian believers, both within the Australian Baptist movement and more broadly. 

7. Does the new symbol have any meaning? 
Yes. Here is Scott sharing what the new symbol represents. 

Baptist Mission Australia: The Symbol from Global Interaction on Vimeo.

8. What about if my will says Global Interaction? Do I need to change that? 
No. While you can update it the next time you update your Will, our address and ABN are staying the same, and for legal purposes your legacy will still reach where it is intended.

9. Can I have the new logo for our church's website? 
Yes! Click here for jpg >> Click here for png >>

Still have questions? Call us on 1800 329 165 or email us on info@baptistmissionaustralia.org « Back to News