Where do Global Xposure teams go?

Teams visit our long-term staff in a variety of places in Asia, Africa and Outback Australia. Destinations include Cambodia, Thailand, South Asia, Malawi, Mozambique, South East Asia and Central Asia.

How are Global Xposure teams organised?

We work primarily with local churches in dreaming, organising, recruiting and preparing the teams. We look for leaders with intercultural experience, skills in leadership and, most of all, sensitivity to the local culture and long-term work. Often team leaders are church pastors. Most teams have one or two leaders and between four to ten participants.

What do teams do?

The focus of our teams is on awareness and an action-reflection learning model. Team members are encouraged to look, listen, ask questions and learn from the Baptist Mission Australia staff and others they meet. Teams will stay at the homes of Baptist Mission Australia staff or local guest houses and engage in cultural activities e.g. market visits, prayer walks, significant places in the community. Some teams may be involved in specific projects like English teaching or cultural exchange. All teams will set aside at least three days at the end of the trip for debriefing.

What does it cost?

Depending on location, the average cost of a three week trip is $2500 per person. Teams raise their own support and cover their own expenses while overseas. Baptist Mission Australia offers travel insurance, training manuals and help with training and debriefing free of charge.
Every Global Xposure participant (including team leaders) is required to contribute $100 towards the Global Xposure Development Program. The Global Xposure Development Program is a national strategy to subsidise costs for four pastors' Global Xposure teams each year, aiming to provide greater opportunity to introduce pastors to the work of Baptist Mission Australia and train them for leading future teams. To make your contribution to the Global Xpsoure Development Program click here

It seems like there is a lot of training, is it all really necessary?

Global Xposure is not just about the three weeks while you are overseas, but it is about broadening our world view and seeking what God would have us do. Global Xposure includes six training sessions and a weekend away, mainly run by the team leader with the assistance of your state Young Adult Consultant. The sessions cover everything from team dynamics and culture shock to exploring ideas of missiology and contextualization. In our years of experience in sending Global Xposure teams, it is those that thoroughly prepare who have the most fulfilling experience which impacts participants long after they have returned home.

What's with all the forms?

There might initially seem like there are a lot of forms to be completed when preparing for your Global Xposure. However, if done over a period of time, the paperwork is very manageable. We strive to ensure that we have all the information necessary for the safety and wellbeing of participants and those that you will meet in the intercultural setting.

Can I organise a Global Xposure for my youth group?

Global Xposure is for people aged 18 years and over. We do have other Australia-based programs to help engage high school aged youth in intercultural activity and experience. Please contact your state Young Adult Consultant for more info.