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Ministry Story - teaching new stories, Indochina

About the impact of the work, Mark and Ngoc write, "Through this ministry, we can see that young people with disability are being empowered and encouraged to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to do. For example, there are four English teachers who provide... READ MORE >>

Prayer and Praise Points
Thurs 21 Sept - Wed 4 Oct

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21 T Mozambique Pray for wisdom, perseverance and courage as Yawo believers grow in their faith and seek to live out the Kingdom within their families and wider communities. Pray that they will reflect God’s love in their marriages, parenting and relationships.

22 F Mozambique Initiations are a significant cultural milestone for Yawo girls and boys. Some of our team members have been invited into these spaces. Sally writes, “Please pray for us as we enter into the initiation spaces to share Kingdom values with the children. May they hear God’s truth and love for them.”

23 S Mozambique Many of our team’s friends are suffering with hunger this year after excessive rain destroyed crops. Pray for the government, the local leaders and the team as they respond to the needs around them.

24 S Outback Australia Give thanks for the recent Bush Training Camp. Believers from different communities gathered along with the team to explore the theme of Following in the Footsteps of Big Brother (Jesus). Pray for the ongoing conversations and growth prompted by this special time together.

25 M Outback Australia Lift up the three believers who were recently baptised. Pray that they will grow in Christ-likeness each day as they walk in step with Him.

26 T Papua New Guinea Pray with David, a leader in PNG, who writes, “Thank God that the church is reviving. The Spirit of the Lord is moving.” Pray for many to experience the Gospel in a new way.

27 W Papua New Guinea Pray for the Baptist Theological colleges and the Baptist Union in PNG. Pray for the next generation of pastors, leaders and mission workers to be raised up.

28 T Malawi Gary and Shirley are grateful for their encouraging time in Australia re-connecting with partnering churches. Pray for them as they prepare to return to Malawi in October to continue teaching at the Bible college.

29 F Malawi Pray for wisdom for Jean-Claude and Joyce as they seek to share the good news of Jesus with Yawo friends. Pray for God to be at work through the Sewing Training project as Joyce builds relationships and teaches. 

30 S Malawi Pray for the Yawo faith community leaders as they are discipled and equipped to lead. Pray that they will be attentive to the Spirit’s promptings.

1 S Cambodia Pray for Reaksmey and Rours as they prepare to join the team in Cambodia. Pray for mutual encouragement as they engage with church communities and learn from each other.

2 M Cambodia Pray for Megan and Tristan in their daily interactions with Khmer people. Pray for them to grow in their understanding of what it means to make Jesus meetable in their friends’ culture, language and context. Pray for Megan as she journeys with the women at the sewing centre.

3 T Leadership In September, leaders from our national and global teams had the rare opportunity to gather together in person. Pray for this group, and give thanks for way God is forming and empowering them to lead our organisation.

4 W Leadership Pray for Baptist Mission Australia’s leaders as they seek the Spirit’s guidance, listen to varied voices from our mission community and learn from the past. Pray for wisdom, faith, clarity and discernment.   

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