Our projects help to make community transformation possible

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Our intercultural team members need and appreciate the regular financial and prayer support of faithful partners throughout the year. Supporting a project is an additional way for you to partner with our staff and the ministry in which they are involved. It is a tangible way to engage with intercultural mission – learning about, praying for, encouraging and financially partnering a vital aspect of our ministry. Your support of a project equips our intercultural team members to connect with their community and share Jesus’ love in culturally meaningful ways.

Why is making a pledge important?

If you would like to support a project, particularly during May Mission Month, we would ask that you ‘pledge’ your support. When you pledge your support, we record which project(s) you intend to support and approximately how much you hope to raise. 

Pledging your support has several benefits:

  • The intercultural team members associated with the project will be advised of your intention and can give you additional information which will assist you in promoting the project to your church. They love getting in touch to say thank you and to see how they can help!
  • Our teams have some idea in advance of how much support their projects are likely to receive, which assists them when planning their programs.
  • If a project is discontinued or receives its target amount we can let you know as soon as possible and discuss an alternative project with you.
There is no obligation for you to raise the exact amount that you pledge but it is a helpful indication.
To pledge support to a project, contact the Projects Coordinator on 03 9819 4944 or email projects@baptistmissionaustralia.org 

Support the day-to-day ministry

A number of projects support the 'day-to-day life' costs for our intercultural team members, rather than specific work programs. For a number of our intercultural team members, their 'job' is to immerse themselves in the communities in which they live, to gain an understanding of the customs, beliefs and way of life of the local people group, and to nurture friendships. The ability to just speak the language well takes time and the ability to talk about the deeper matters of life and faith takes even longer.

In the meantime, there are meals to be shared, shopping to be done, education costs for children to be paid and so on. Supporting a project is an extra way you can partner with intercultural team members. Many of the intercultural team members also have work programs and events, which you can read about by searching for a project under the appropriate 'Project Type' or by the team member’s name.