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On this page, you'll find resources that will help equip children and youth to grow in their understanding of mission and their part in it. The written resources have been created for use in a group context, such as a church Sunday school or youth event. However, the material can also be adapted and used by families or with individual children or youth.

Each of the below dropdowns are a different resource. And each is part of a broader church resource, with complementary thematic resources for all ages including pastor's and leader's guides and videos. You can find the link to these broader resources at the end of each section.

We hope you and your children will enjoy these resources, and grow closer to Jesus through them.

Crossing the Street [Secondary Ages]


Crossing the Street

What's the Crossing the Street youth series all about? 

The Crossing the Street youth resource is a special four session video series. As youth often participate in the congregational church service, this resource is designed to help them engage with the themes of the series through youth targeted reflections and activities. It has been created to sit alongside the full Crossing the Street series, however, it can be used as a standalone piece.

The videos created for each of the four sessions have ‘pause’ points throughout where the activities can be run. Refer to the Leader’s Guide for questions and instructions. Alternatively, the video script is outlined in this booklet for leaders to use in replacement of the videos.

The Leader's Guide includes additional resources for each session. These videos and extra questions can be used to expand each session into a full Bible study. Depending on how you use the resource, each session can go from 5-60 minutes.

youth resource: leader's guide     


Session 1. Sent like the son

Crossing the Street Youth Series: Episode 1

Key Idea: 

We are empowered by the Spirit and endorsed by the Father to be sent like the Son. Why? While we are not Jesus, we are sent out under the same authority and with the same spirit and purpose.

Session 2: Meeting people where they are

Crossing the Street Youth Series: Episode 2

Key Idea: 

Just like Jesus humbled Himself to take on flesh and meet us where we are, we are called to do the same. Jesus didn’t demand that people be perfect, easy to reach or exactly like Him when He healed, spoke to, or ate with them. Instead, He met people where they were at, building bridges rather than fences. Out of these relationships Jesus offered restoration and salvation through both word and deed. 

Session 3: Modelling the heart of Jesus

Crossing the Street Youth Series: Episode 3

Key Idea: 

Following Jesus means living a life that reflects Him. As Colossians 1:15 states, “The Son is the image of the invisible God…”. To model the heart of Jesus is to model the very heart of God to all we encounter, and creation itself. 

Session 4: Being the good news together

Crossing the Street Youth Series: Episode 4

Key Idea: 

Together is a key word here! We are partners in God’s mission and can partner with each other through prayer, giving, going, encouraging and advocating. This theme is a call to action and response. We all have a role to play in God’s redemptive plan. 

Crossing the Street [Primary Ages]


Crossing the Street

The aim of this resource is for kids to learn from Jesus’ example of loving all people and explore how we can all cross the street and love people. 

Through the sessions, children will explore stories of Jesus in the Bible, as well as discover what it means for them and how they can be a part of God’s mission. This is achieved through games, activities, bible stories, discussion, videos and prayer.

Key Themes:

  1. The Trip of a Lifetime John 20:19-23
  2. Ready, Set, Go! Luke 10:1-4
  3. Going Where Other People Won’t Matthew 8:1-3
  4. We’re All in This together! Luke 10:30-37

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A BIG thank you to Maigen Nemes for writing this material.

Vibrant Communities [Secondary Ages]


Vibrant Communities

The aim of these sessions is for youth to explore some of the complexities of intercultural mission and how they can be part of God’s mission. Through these sessions youth will explore mission in the Bible and around the world today, as well as discover what it means for them and how they can be a part of it. This is achieved through games, activities, Bible stories, discussion, videos and prayer.

Key Themes:

  1. Culture and Context 1 Corinthians 9:19-23
  2. Being Part of God’s Mission Matthew 28:18 – 20


Vibrant Communities [Primary Ages]


Vibrant Communities

The aim of these sessions is for children to explore their place in mission and God’s big story. Through these sessions children will explore mission in the Bible and around the world today, as well as discover what it means for them and how they can be a part of it. This is achieved through games, activities, Bible stories, discussion and prayer.

Key Themes:

  1. You matter to God, no matter what Mark 12:41-44
  2. God loves me and you and the whole world too! John 13:34-35
  3. The Kingdom of heaven is like… a football? Matthew 13:31-35
  4. We can make a difference! Luke 9:1-6

 vibrant communities - RESOURCE

In Step - Acts 15 [Primary Ages]


In Step

Explore what it means to be in step with Jesus, in step with others and in step with God's mission as we discover that faith, not religion, is central.

Key Themes:

  1. Faith not Religion is Central Acts 15:1-4
  2. In Step with Jesus Acts 15:5-11
  3. In Step with Others Acts 15:12-21
  4. In Step with God’s Mission Acts 15:22-29


In Step - the complete guide

Grow and Sow - Matthew 13 & 28 [Primary Ages]


Grow where you're planted, sow where He calls

Let’s discover together, what it means to grow our hearts to be more like Jesus’ and sow into mission as we are called. 

Key Themes

  1. Grow Where you’re Planted Matthew 13:1-23 
  2. Sow Where He Calls Matthew 28:16-20


Grow and Sow - the complete guide

The Vine and the Branches [Primary Ages]


The Vine and the Branches

The idea of God’s people as branches connected to Him as the Vine, highlights the deep and wonderful relationship of God with His people. God designed humanity to be connected and 
nurtured by Him.

Key Themes

  1. Branching out John 15:1
  2. Bearing the Fruit of God Galatians 5:22
  3. God Produces Good Fruit Matthew 7:16-20
  4. Love Each Other John 15:5

branching out - RESOURCE | SESSIONS 
branching out - resource | PRINTABLES 

The Vine and the Branches - the complete guide

The Encounter at the Well - John 4 [Primary Ages]


The Encounter at the Well

In the early pages of John’s Gospel we find Jesus deeply immersed in His own Jewish culture on mission to His own people, ministering in His own language, culture and religious heritage.

In chapter 4 Jesus’ direction changes dramatically. He travels from the Jewish heartland to the marginal region of Samaria. This transition is not only geographical, Jesus crosses barriers of culture, ethnicity, gender and social convention, to the amazement of all.

Key Themes

  1. The Barrier Crossing God John 4:1-9
  2. The Gift for all Cultures John 4:10-15
  3. The Transformational Encounter John 4:20-26
  4. The Power of Testimony John 4:27-42

Encounter at the well - RESOURCE


Encounter at the Well - the complete guide

The Harvest is Plentiful - Luke 10 [Primary Ages]


The Harvest is Plentiful

A five week series to explore the passage in Luke 10:1-12. Learning from Jesus' sending of the 72 followers to share the Gospel.

Key Themes

  1. The Harvest is Plentiful Luke 10:2-3
  2. Travel Lightly Luke 10:4
  3. Person of Peace Luke 10:5-8
  4. Sharing the Kingdom of God Luke 10:9-11
  5. Being Part of the Solution Luke 10:2-3,16

plentiful harvest - RESOURCE | overview

plentiful harvest - REsources | activities & solutions

The Harvest is Plentiful - the complete guide

Videos For Kids From Kids!

These videos have been created by children of intercultural workers to help kids in Australia understand what their life is like. These kids and teens are living all around the world! To download a video, click on the video title or Vimeo logo to open the video on the Vimeo website. Then click the download button below the video player.
Clayton lives in Malawi among the Yawo. In this video, he shares how he crosses the street with the love of Jesus.

Crossing the Street in Malawi with Clayton!

Sydney has been living in Mozambique for most of her life! In this video she shares what it's like to live with her parents, intercultural workers Cam and Kath, and older siblings, Matilda and Jack, in Mozambique.

What’s it like being a kid in Mozambique? Sydney tells all!

Matilda and Jack are teenagers living in Mozambique with their younger sister Sydney and their parents Kath and Cam. In this video, they give a run down of what it's like to live in a remote part of Mozambique.

What's it like being a teen in Mozambique? Matilda and Jack share the good and the bad!

Levi and Josiah live wild, fun lives in Mozambique with their three younger siblings, local friends and parents Scott and Bek. In this video, they share how they live like Jesus.

This is how we live like Jesus - Levi and Josiah, Mozambique

Get to know Luke and Belle's sons, Salam, Judah and Isaiah in this cute video!

Hello from Salem, Judah and Isaiah in Thailand!

Grace and Daniel report back on what it's like to live in Thailand as teenagers.

What's it like growing up in Thailand? Grace and Daniel report back!

Libi loves living in Thailand, but you might be surprised at how similar her daily life is to yours! In this interview, she answers questions from her older sister about life, school, family and fun in Thailand. Libi's parents are Muana and Villy.

What’s it like being a kid in Thailand? Libi answers all!