Financial support of Baptist Mission Australia: FAQ

We are conscious of the responsibility that we have in overseeing the work of Baptist Mission Australia and being good stewards of the resources that God has made available. This page contains answers to a number of frequently asked questions about financial support of Baptist Mission Australia. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Why do intercultural team members raise their own support?

Team member support enables churches and individuals to actively partner with intercultural team members as they proclaim the Gospel to least-reached people groups. You can develop a stronger connection with the intercultural team member - praying for them, their team, and their ministry. While raising support can be a daunting task for intercultural team members, many proclaim their faith is greatly strengthened.

How is the support target set and what does it include?

Baptist Mission Australia sets the required support target for each intercultural team member by calculating the anticipated costs of ministry for a term of service. This is based on the country of service, number of family members and a number of other factors. Staff support is comprehensive, covering a wide range of living, work and ministry expenses for the intercultural team members and their families.

It covers a range of ministry costs, including: 
  • Program and ministry costs (housing, language learning, permits, work expenses)
  • Pre-embarkation costs (training, visits to churches, airfares)
  • Safety, insurance and medical costs
  • Home assignment costs (training, visits to churches, accommodation on return to Australia)
  • Personal living allowances
  • Home support costs and member care
A new support target is calculated for intercultural team members when they return to Australia for home assignment in preparation for another term.

Is it all up to the intercultural team member?

No. This is a team effort. The State and National offices support intercultural team members in raising support. Most intercultural team members also form an Advocacy Support Group which supports them practically and prayerfully in partnership development.

What happens if there is an emergency?

Each intercultural team member’s staff support target includes a basic premium for insurance for emergency and contingencies. Therefore, in the event of an emergency (e.g. natural disaster resulting in evacuation, medical emergencies) the costs are not covered by the individuals affected but carried by Baptist Mission Australia.

Do intercultural team members receive a wage?

Intercultural team members receive a living allowance that is appropriate to each country and particular situation. This is covered in the support target. Many of the typical living costs (such as housing, transport, utilities, etc.) are also covered in the support target. For most intercultural team members, once they have raised 50% of their support target, they begin paid partnership development ministry.

At this stage they are expected to spend a significant amount of time and energy on partnership development (regular travel to churches and small groups, writing newsletters, compiling presentations, training and preparation programs, etc.) and therefore receive financial support during this time.

When can the intercultural team member start packing their bags?

Once intercultural team members have raised 100% of their support target they can finalise travel arrangements and departure. They are expected to have raised 100% of their support target before departing.

What happens when the intercultural team member finishes?

You will be notified when the intercultural team member you support is going to conclude their service. Long-term intercultural team members continue to be 'employed' for a few months after their return to Australia. This assists them as they settle back into Australia while they are finding a place to live and employment, etc. This also enables them to visit partners and churches to thank them for their support and to advocate for continued partnership with Baptist Mission Australia. The support target factors in this period.

Your ongoing support during this period is much appreciated. Once the intercultural workers officially conclude, your regular gifts will cease to be processed. At this time we will let you know of other candidates who are preparing for service who would appreciate your support.

How long do I support for?

A standard term of service is three years. Support targets also factor in a six-month period prior to service for partnership development, as well as a six-month period of home assignment. Therefore support targets are for a four year period. Many intercultural team members commit to more than one term. Your support for the full extent of service is greatly appreciated. The sooner you can commit to supporting intercultural team members, the sooner they can depart for ministry.

Do team members return to Australia if support levels drop?

Sometimes, due to supporters ceasing partnership, exchange rate changes and other factors, our team members' support levels drop below 100%. Baptist Mission Australia is committed to the ongoing ministry of our teams, therefore we do not 'bring home' team member whose support levels have dropped, and we do not leave them to 'live on less'. They continue to be supported by the general Baptist Mission Australia budget.

Why support a project?

Our intercultural team members need and appreciate the regular financial and prayer support of faithful partners throughout the year. Supporting a project is an additional way for you to partner with our staff and the ministry in which they are involved. It is a tangible way to engage with intercultural mission – learning about, praying for, encouraging and financially partnering a vital aspect of our ministry. Your support of a project equips our intercultural team members to connect with their community and share Jesus’ love in culturally appropriate ways.

Why pledge support of a project?

If you would like to support a project we strongly encourage you to 'pledge' your support. When you pledge your support, we record which project(s) you intend to support and approximately how much you hope to raise.

Pledging your support has several benefits:
  • The intercultural team members associated with the project will be advised of your intention and can give you additional information which will assist you in promoting the project to your church. They love getting in touch to say thank you and to see how they can help!
  • Our teams have some idea in advance of how much support their projects are likely to receive, which assists them when planning their programs.
  • If a project is discontinued or receives its target amount we can let you know as soon as possible and discuss an alternative project with you.
There is no obligation for you to raise the exact amount that you pledge. To pledge support to a project, contact the Projects Coordinator on 03 9819 4944 or email projects

For more information about projects?

For more information about supporting Baptist Mission Australia projects, contact the Projects Coordinator on: 03 9819 4944 or email projects

How do I support?

You can:
  • pledge to make a regular contribution or give a once-off gift;
  • give via credit card, direct debit, cheque or cash;
  • support an intercultural team member through our online system or contact us for a form.
We believe that this partnership is much more than a financial contribution. We highly value your prayer support and your encouragement of the intercultural team member. The intercultural team member, along with Baptist Mission Australia, is committed to keeping you informed about their ministry, prayer needs and the broader mission of Baptist Mission Australia.

Why should I pledge my support?

Indicating your intended support enables Baptist Mission Australia and the intercultural team member to better budget and plan for their ministry. We can credit your pledged support now, which helps increase the intercultural team member’s support level more quickly. This also means that the intercultural team member can get in touch to thank you, and keep you informed about their journey.

When will my gift be processed (credit card & direct debit)?

Regular gifts made via credit card are processed on the 15th of each month.
Regular gifts made via direct debit are processed on the 21st of each month.
If this date falls on a weekend or public holiday, gifts are processed on the next working day.

Can I electronically transfer funds?

Yes, you can electronically transfer your gift into the Baptist Mission Australia bank account. For administration purposes we require specific information recorded in the transaction description. Please contact us for account details and more information.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

This depends on which intercultural team member or project you support. Contact the intercultural team member or Baptist Mission Australia for more detailed information.

Will I get a receipt for my donation?

Yes. Our standard receipt is distributed annually (in August) and details all gifts for the year. This enables us to be better stewards of our finances and the environment. You can request to receive a receipt for each gift you make. We hope to soon move to electronic receipting.

What if I can no longer maintain my commitment to support?

If you can no longer support a intercultural team member please contact us to cease your support. We do greatly value and appreciate your ongoing prayer and encouragement of the team member, if it is possible.