MAKE A GIFT                 
Australian Baptists have a long and rich relationship with the Baptist Union of Papua New Guinea [BUPNG]. Over the past 75 years we have seen our faithful God at work in many different and amazing ways as BUPNG and Australian Baptists work together to support the Baptist Church in PNG.

We are incredibly privileged to partner with BUPNG as they support more than 400 Baptist churches and hundreds of pastors growing faith communities around the country, both in cities and in remote communities. We are excited to come alongside BUPNG as they excitedly step into the space of global mission too! 
We are excited to have signed a new partnership agreement with BUPNG, which will enhance the capacity of our PNG ministry friends to deliver ministry, develop leaders and serve others in neighbouring countries and beyond. 

Partnership Target: $50,000  (Not Tax Deductible)
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Under the new five-year partnership, we look forward to supporting the BUPNG through:
  • Funding student fee subsidies for Baptist theological students at CLTC and Kwinkya colleges
  • Resourcing training events
  • Supporting BUPNG ministry roles as they work to establish an intercultural sending agency
  • Providing a consulting role, focused on shared ministry/leadership training and support 
  • Building the capacity of BUPNG to develop and train leaders 
  • Developing a project to help fund the construction of transit housing at the Baptist Theological College of Kwinkya
  • Renewing short-term ministry team visits to assist BUPNG on agreed projects 
These initiatives will make a Kingdom difference in PNG and beyond. Your support will foster the training and leadership development of Baptist women and men, including the emerging generation of passionate followers of Jesus.

And we will be working with the BUPNG to support the development of their own culturally relevant sending agency. Thank you for standing with Papua New Guinean Baptists as they step into global mission.

As we celebrate our long-term partnership with the BUPNG, we invite you to support these new initiatives that will leave a Kingdom legacy in PNG, the Pacific and beyond.