Walk the World: 11-13 Nov

This November, you can make a Kingdom impact. Join Australian Baptists around the country as we ‘Walk the World’! Walk the World is an invitation for churches, families and people of all ages to get out in our local area and pray for our neighbourhood and the world. 

Across the weekend of 11-13 Nov 2022, commit to praying as you walk, run, wheel, cycle, imagine or drive around your local neighbourhood. Pray for God to be at work in your community and in communities around the world.

As you do, our teams in Africa, Asia and Australia will be praying for you too!

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How are people getting involved?

"I'm walking the world in Clayton!" - Josh
"We're running the world in Thornleigh!" - Duncan family
"I'm wheeling the world in Perth!" - Michelle

"I'm walking the world in Mozambique!" Levi
"We're cycling the world in Townsville!" - Yuen family

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What Is Walk the World all about?
Walk the World is about facilitating opportunity for Australian Baptists to get out in our neighbourhoods and pray! Pray for the local communities God has placed us in, and pray for the communities around the world our intercultural teams are placed in.

Resources developed for Walk the World will offer information and guidance so you are equipped to pray. 
What's the 'Walk' Part?
Going for a walk is a great way to experience our local communities. It helps us get to know the area and our neighbours. Plus, it's something that a lot of us already do! Walk the World is an invitation to intentionally pray for the world while you walk in your world. 

But, of course, you don't have to walk to get involved with Walk the World. 

You can choose to get around your neighbourhood however you like. You could run, cycle, wheel, skateboard, push, drive, scoot, Rollerblade or skip around your area. You could even virtually walk around via Google maps, video or your imagination!
Who is Walk the World for?  
Walk the World is for everyone, of all abilities, ages and group size. Some resources will be targeted towards adults and others to children, families or youth. 
Is it a competition?
No... and yes!

Walk the World is about prayer and getting out in your neighbourhood. However, if you also love a competition, then there will be opportunity for you to share how far you and your church / group have walked and there will be some prizes. 

Keep a look out for competition details here soon.  
Does it Cost to be involved?
It is completely free to participate in Walk the World. 

There will be opportunity to make a donation when you register. All gifts will support our intercultural teams as they serve God in communities around the world. 

The suggested donation is $20 for individuals and $50 for families. 

As a church community or small group, you may decide to use this as a fundraising opportunity through walk-a-thon sponsorships or a sausage sizzle. You are welcome to designate where the funds should be allocated, or allow Baptist Mission Australia to distribute the funds to the ministry areas that need it most.  


Register to Walk the World here >> 

You can register yourself along with any other family or small group members who are also getting involved. You can also register as a church.

It is completely free to participate in Walk the World. There is opportunity to make a donation when you register. All gifts will support our intercultural teams as they serve God in communities around the world. 

The suggested donation is $20 for individuals and $50 for families. 

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Resources (available September 2022)

Walk the World resources are currently being developed by our team.

Here is an overview of what's coming:

prayer guide
  • The Prayer Guide will include prompts, activities and ideas to facilitate prayer for your local neighbourhood and the world
  • This guide can be utilised by individuals, families and small groups  
Family Dinner Guide
  • Throughout the Walk the World weekend, families are invited to set aside one dinner aside as a special Walk the World meal
  • The Family Dinner Guide will facilitate conversation over a meal about other cultures, as well as mission locally and globally. There will be recipes from different counties and discussion questions to prompt conversation.  
  • This guide is being developed with families of primary aged children in mind, however, it can adapted for older children or small groups 
Youth Guide
  • The Youth Guide is being developed for church youth groups to use during one session of their regular gathering
  • This guide will include discussion questions and activities created with youth aged 12-18 in mind 
fun facts:

Did You Know..? 

  • It would have taken Ellen Arnold - the first Australia Baptist sent to serve overseas - 1,700 hours, or 71 days, of non-stop walking to get to India from Adelaide! 
  • Aidan de Brune was the first person to walk around the perimeter of Australia, unaccompanied and unassisted. It took him 2.5 years from 17 July 1874 – 15 February 1946.
  • The longest continuous wheelie in a wheelchair covered a distance of 25.8 km and was achieved by Xie Junwu in China, on the rear wheels of his wheelchair in 2012.
  • The widest avenue in the world is Buenos Aires, Argentina. It's 91 metres wide! Which means that at normal walking speed, it takes pedestrians two to three green lights to cross the twelve lanes of traffic!