Crossing Streets Near and Far

11 May, 2022

This May Mission Month, how is God leading you to cross the street?

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Meeting People Where They Surf - Western Australia

10 May, 2022

A local Pastor shares how he's crossing the street.

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Ministry of Presence - Mozambique

27 Apr, 2022

Cam meets his friend where he is.

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Sent Like the Son

13 Apr, 2022

Scott shares an Easter reflection.

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Meeting People Where They Are - Thailand

13 Apr, 2022

Liz and Glenn share how their new intitiative is openning new opportunities.

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Commissioning Kate

30 Mar, 2022

Scott shares how the gift of partnership means people can GO.

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New Perspectives - Central Asia

30 Mar, 2022

Pete explores the good news with an H friend.

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Governance Changes

16 Mar, 2022

Scott reports on recent Board and governance changes. 

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Creation Care - South East Asia

16 Mar, 2022

God uses our gifts and passions to build His Kingdom!

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Where it all begins - South East Asia

02 Mar, 2022

Mike paints a picture his early days in South East Asia.

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Who is Baptist Mission Australia?

24 Feb, 2022

A new video to celebrate who we all are!

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God's Stories Get Out - Mozambique

16 Feb, 2022

Sally shares a Bible story with a Yawo friend... who shares it with her family.

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Spirit-Led People

16 Feb, 2022

“Not by my might, not by power, by my Spirit says the Lord.” 

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Meet Lisa!

14 Feb, 2022

Welcoming Lisa Cornish as our new SA/NT State Leader.

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Come Holy Spirit

02 Feb, 2022

Global Launch 2022: Scott invites you to join our global community in dedicating this year to God.

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Transformation - South East Asia

02 Feb, 2022

Dave and Caz share stories of God at work.

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A New Year of Ministry

19 Jan, 2022

Welcome to another year on mission together.

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Enthusiasm for God's Word - Mozambique

19 Jan, 2022

Yawo men excited to explore God's Word.

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Cafe Manager - Cambodia

17 Jan, 2022

Exciting four month opportunity for someone interested in business as mission with hospitality experience. 

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We are Baptist Mission Australia!

06 Jan, 2022

Your questions about the new name answered.

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Peace and Joy - Thailand

22 Dec, 2021

Muana and Villy share a story of transformation.

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The Gift of Hope - South Asia

08 Dec, 2021

In an uncertain world, we have a certain hope to share.

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Stepping Out (Here) - South Australia

24 Nov, 2021

Suzanne shares the realisation that prompted her to act.

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Exploring Mission

24 Nov, 2021

Scott shares about an exciting new discipleship course coming in 2022!

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New Name

22 Nov, 2021

Scott shares some big news for our mission community!

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A Praying People - Mozambique

10 Nov, 2021

Kath and Cam share a powerful story of prayer for Just Prayer.

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God's Living Word - South Asia

27 Oct, 2021

What does it mean to be as "shrewd as a snake and as innocent as a dove" for these believers?

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Worldview - Thailand

13 Oct, 2021

Liz and Glenn explores how there is much more to an abandoned housing estate than meets the eye.

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Vibrant Partnerships

13 Oct, 2021

Scott shares about a new season of collaboration with the Global Baptist movement.

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Exploring God's Word Together - Central Asia

29 Sep, 2021

Pete and Nomes share about the exciting conversations God's stories are opening up.

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Thank You for Praying!

15 Sep, 2021

Luke and Rachel share of the power of prayer during their first years in Cambodia.

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Emerging Communities - Silk Road Area

14 Sep, 2021

God is breaking through in surprising and exciting ways!

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23 for 23 Challenge

01 Sep, 2021

Scott's reading Psalm 23 for the next 23 days. Will you join him?

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God's Got a Plan - Mozambique

31 Aug, 2021

Cam shares how God is using an unlikely friendship.

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Praising God - Lebanon

18 Aug, 2021

Milard shares of God's faithfulness.

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Pray for Peace in Afghanistan

18 Aug, 2021

Join us in praying alongside our friends at Baptist World Aid.

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United in Prayer

12 Aug, 2021

Scott shares about 'UNITE', an online prayer event.

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God Encounters - Thailand

04 Aug, 2021

Villy and Muana share about two God-filled encounters.

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Thank You!

26 Jul, 2021

A video message of gratitude from Scott to partners.

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God is Good

21 Jul, 2021

Scott shares a list of things to be grateful for.

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God in the Midst - South Asia

21 Jul, 2021

In the challenges of life and ministry in a pandemic, God is there and opening doors.

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Good Neighbours

07 Jul, 2021

What does it look like to live as a good neighbour?

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New Life - Thailand

07 Jul, 2021

Glenn and Liz seek new ways to be a blessing.

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Marking Milestones with Gratitude

23 Jun, 2021

Scott marks the middle of the year with thankfulness.

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Word and Deed - Malawi

23 Jun, 2021

Jean-Claude and Joyce share God's love wholistically.

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Keeping Our L Plates On

09 Jun, 2021

Embracing lifelong learning, curiosity and questions. 

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One Person After Another - South East Asia

09 Jun, 2021

This is a story of God's Spirit at work.

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National Reconciliation Week

31 May, 2021

More than a word. Reconciliation takes action.

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26 May, 2021

Scott highlights the value to going together. 

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Moments to Movements - Cambodia

26 May, 2021

Jesus multiplies everyday moments!

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Baptists in Mission

12 May, 2021

Scott shares about an exciting opportunity. 

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Their Own Distinctive Ways - Outback Australia

12 May, 2021

Can you give us an example?

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Mother's Day - Cambodia

06 May, 2021

Deb shares a reflection for Mother's Day.

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Welcome to May Mission Month!

28 Apr, 2021

Celebrating more than 100 years of mission focus in May. 

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Growing Authentic Relationships - Central Asia

28 Apr, 2021

Pete and Nomes share how God is enabling them to build deep, life-giving friendships.

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The Here and Now

14 Apr, 2021

Where is God at work in your world in the here and now?

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God's Plan - Thailand

14 Apr, 2021

Glenn shares how God is opening opportunities for new connections. It's all part of His plan!

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Being Changed by Easter

31 Mar, 2021

Scott shares from his own experience of saying "yes" to Jesus.

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Reading God's Word - Mozambique

31 Mar, 2021

In this video update, Cam and Kath share how God is opening doors and muddy roads!

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Investing in Kingdom Work

17 Mar, 2021

Introducing our new Supporter Engagement Manager, Tim Collison!

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Vibrant Communities - Malawi

17 Mar, 2021

Local leaders empowered in Malawi!

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Milestone Month

03 Mar, 2021

The countdown to May Mission Month is on!

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Snapshots to Celebrate - Silk Road Area

03 Mar, 2021

David and Eliza give us a glimpse of life, ministry and God at work on the Silk Road.

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Our Prayers Make a Difference

17 Feb, 2021

Prayer is at the heart of who we are.

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Seeking the Truth - Thailand

17 Feb, 2021

A young woman starts studying God's Word with Muana and Villy. 

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"How Do I Get That Joy?" - Mozambique

10 Feb, 2021

Scott and Bek share how God is moving through their conversations.

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Building a Christ-Like Culture

03 Feb, 2021

Scott challenges us to live out 'who we are'.

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Does Humour Translate? - Cambodia

27 Jan, 2021

Kim reminds us that while not everything translates, the important things are worth explaining. 

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Welcome to 2021!

20 Jan, 2021

Scott looks ahead to a new year of minstry and partnership. 

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The Start of a Movement - South East Asia

13 Jan, 2021

It starts with one person, one family, then another and another...

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The Thrill of Hope

23 Dec, 2020

Scott reflects on message of Christmas amidst an unprecedented year.

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Freedom in Christ - Lebabon

16 Dec, 2020

Milard shares a story of transformation.

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The Hands of Ordinary People

09 Dec, 2020

Scott reflects on Romans 16 and how God places His mission in the hands of ordinary people.

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The Start of Something - Indochina

02 Dec, 2020

Mark and Ngoc see God at work as they build relationships. 

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Moving Forward

25 Nov, 2020

Scott reflects on how, amidst the challenges of 2020, God is guiding our strategy forward.

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Side by Side - Cambodia

18 Nov, 2020

Cathie explores the complexities, joys and dreams of intercultural relationships.

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Will You Pray With Us?

11 Nov, 2020

This weekend, join with believers across Australia to pray for the least-reached.

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"I Have a Question" - Mozambique

04 Nov, 2020

God's Word is alive and prompts a response.

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Celebrating our Alumni

28 Oct, 2020

Scott discusses the Global Interaction Alumni Strategy as we honour the legacy of our workers across the decades.

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Thank You – Thailand

21 Oct, 2020

Glenn and Liz know they can’t do it alone.

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What We Value

14 Oct, 2020

Scott reveals the values underpinning the 2021-2025 Strategic Roadmap.

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A Simple Question

07 Oct, 2020

Kate explores how a single question can lead to significant conversations.

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Celebrating Milestones

30 Sep, 2020

Scott shares the latest news about Global Interaction’s Strategic Roadmap.

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Deep Conversations - South East Asia

29 Sep, 2020

God is opening opportunities for deep conversations of faith and life. 

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Back to Basics

23 Sep, 2020

Scott unpacks the ‘3Ps’ at Global Interaction.

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Transforming Lives

16 Sep, 2020

A story of a Buddhist monk becoming a passionate follower of Jesus.

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Team Prayer - Outback Australia

09 Sep, 2020

The Global Interaction team serving in Outback Australia share their prayer.

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The Power of Team

02 Sep, 2020

We can be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

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What's in a Name? - Cambodia

01 Sep, 2020

Cathie's Khmer friends don't call her Cathie... 

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Pursuing Shalom

26 Aug, 2020

What does it look like to seek Shalom?

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Seeking Truth Together - Mozambique

11 Aug, 2020

Scott and Bek share about a group of Yawo men hungry to dig into the Bible. 

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One Step at a Time

05 Aug, 2020

Scott Pilgrim reflects on the power of perseverance.

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The Grace of Giving - South East Asia

04 Aug, 2020

Dave and Caz share an exciting story of taking opportunities and witnessing multiplication.

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Dependence on God

29 Jul, 2020

On the rollercoaster of life, we depend on God though the ups and downs.

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What Does God Ask of Us? - Mozambique

28 Jul, 2020

Kath shares a story and reflects on what it actually is that God asks of us.

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Through all Seasons

22 Jul, 2020

Scott Pilgrim reflects on Jesus’ beautiful presence among the two different crowds of Luke 7.

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Sacrificial Generosity - Mozambique

21 Jul, 2020

Kath shares a story of the everyday, extraordinary generosity of the Yawo.

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Footwear and Friendship - Cambodia

15 Jul, 2020

Kim is reminded of the need to put on other's shoes as we walk with them. 

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Thankfulness in all Circumstances

08 Jul, 2020

Scott Pilgrim reflects on the importance of gratitude and perspective in the midst of challenge.

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Fruitful Mistake - Cambodia

28 Jun, 2020

A wrongly identified vine opens a wonderful opportunity for Cathie and Andy to connect with their neighbour.

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Invited into God's Mission

24 Jun, 2020

Scott explores the extraordinary privilege we all have to participate in God's mission.

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God is on the Move - Malawi

23 Jun, 2020

Praise God for the movement of His Spirit among the Yawo!

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Strategic Conversations

17 Jun, 2020

Scott shares about how we're discerning God's leading together. 

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Home - South East Asia

16 Jun, 2020

Candidate Mike shares how God is growing his heart for the people of South East Asia.

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Sharing the Gospel - South East Asia

09 Jun, 2020

Alice's life has been changed and now she's sharing Jesus with others!

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Time to Talk - Cambodia

02 Jun, 2020

A Khmer couple have space to share more deeply in the current season.

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The Heart of Australia

27 May, 2020

Scott Pilgrim gives an update on Global Interaction's ministry in Outback Australia. 

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Overcoming Barriers

20 May, 2020

Scott Pilgrim reflects on the barrier breaking story of Mark 2 and what it means for our ministry.

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Love Your Neighbour - Thailand

20 May, 2020

Villy shares what it looks like for her to be a loving neighbour. 

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Reset and Renew

13 May, 2020

Scott Pilgrim shares about the value of this time to 're-set'. 

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Mission in a Time of Challenge

12 May, 2020

Mike Frost encourages us to keep a global vision in this challenging time.

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A Team of Teams

06 May, 2020

Scott Pilgrim reflects on the importance of 'team'.

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God Breaks Through - Silk Road Area

05 May, 2020

God breaks through in the midst of suffering and travel restrictions. 

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Good Neighbours

29 Apr, 2020

Scott Pilgrim explores what it looks like to live as a 'good neighbour'.

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Praying for the Future - Malawi and Mozambique

23 Apr, 2020

Jonno and Heather share about compounding challenges the Yawo will face when they encounter Covid-19.

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The Power of Partnership

22 Apr, 2020

Scott Pilgrim shares a story of hope from Thailand, May Mission Month update, staffing news and more...

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What Motivates Us?

15 Apr, 2020

God's call, the Great Commission and justice... the Leadership Team discuss it all in this video. 

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A Day in the Life - Cambodia

08 Apr, 2020

Snapshots of life and ministry from the team in Cambodia.

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Active Faith - Malawi

01 Apr, 2020

Mamma M's story of trusting in God.

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In Step with Others - Thailand

25 Mar, 2020

Muana and Villy share stories in a video update. 

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New State Director

12 Mar, 2020

VIC/TAS churches soon to welcome new State Director.

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Where are All the People? - Cambodia

11 Mar, 2020

After being away from their home culture for three years, Rob and Deb have a new perspective. 

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Catching Up - Mozambique

04 Mar, 2020

Cam and Kath are back in Mozambique and catching up with Yawo friends. 

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Looking Ahead - Cambodia

26 Feb, 2020

Team Leader Luke shares how the team is growing, learning and seeing God at work.

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Three Years! - Thailand

19 Feb, 2020

Glenn and Liz chat through the joys and challenges of their first three years in a video blog.

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Never Seen Before - Malawi and Mozambique

12 Feb, 2020

Team Leader Jonno shares an update of breakthrough after many years. 

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Giving Thanks - Silk Road Area

28 Jan, 2020

Team Leader Eliza shares an update from the Silk Road Area.

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Prayer, Healing and Hope - Cambodia

22 Jan, 2020

Praise God for His presence among this Khmer family.

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Making Jesus Meetable – South East Asia

15 Jan, 2020

Dave and Caz share the importance of humility.

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Christmas Joy - Thailand

18 Dec, 2019

Glenn and Liz share the Christmas story. 

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Invited to Share - Mozambique

11 Dec, 2019

In this video update, Scott shares an exciting story!

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Lessons Learnt - Malawi

04 Dec, 2019

Back in Australia, Wendy is living out lessons learnt in Malawi.

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Enter Their World - South East Asia

27 Nov, 2019

Dave shares what it takes to build authentic relationships.

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It's Always God - Cambodia

20 Nov, 2019

Kim reflects on how God is always the one who makes things happen!

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Trust - Silk Road Area

13 Nov, 2019

Trust opens the opportunity for a meaningful conversation. 

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Stories Come to Life - Malawi

06 Nov, 2019

Upcoming short film shares stories of hope and life.

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Peace Replaces Fear - South Asia

30 Oct, 2019

Fear vanishes in the heart of B man as he accepts the Good News.

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Lessons Everywhere - Cambodia

23 Oct, 2019

Even insects can teach us about culture!

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Looking Forward and Back - Papua New Guinea

16 Oct, 2019

Anticipating the next 70 years.

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The Café - South East Asia

09 Oct, 2019

The Café is relaunched!  

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​Faith in Jesus - Malawi

02 Oct, 2019

God speaks through His Word.

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New Home - Cambodia

25 Sep, 2019

In this video update, Craig and Kim share how they are finding their feet in their new community.

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Walking Again - Mozambique

18 Sep, 2019

A young Yawo boy walks again.

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Ripples - South East Asia

11 Sep, 2019

May ripples become waves of transformation.

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A Time to Connect, Reflect and Project...

04 Sep, 2019

Global Interaction's annual Team Leader's Conference

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Growing, Vibrant Faith Communities - Thailand

21 Aug, 2019

We imagine a day when we see growing, vibrant faith communities...

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Praying for Protection - Malawi

14 Aug, 2019

Jean-Claude and Joyce pray with their neighbour for protection. 

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Not Impossible for God - Central Asia

07 Aug, 2019

It may seem far away, but it's not impossible for God.

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70th Anniversary Celebrations - Papua New Guinea

31 Jul, 2019

"They rejoiced to hear the Word of God."

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House Dreams - Mozambique

24 Jul, 2019

Sally dreams of sitting, doing life and sharing Jesus with her Yawo friends in her home.

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Heart Knowledge - Thailand

17 Jul, 2019

The Word of God speaks to an Ethnic Thai woman's heart. 

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Freedom - Thailand

10 Jul, 2019

An Ethnic Thai man has found freedom and joy in following Jesus.

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In Every Season - Cambodia

02 Jul, 2019

Sitting with the Khmer through every season.  

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Foundation of Friendship - South East Asia

26 Jun, 2019

Faith sharing in the context of authentic relationships. 

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Celebrating 100 Years - Bangladesh

19 Jun, 2019

A milestone celebration!

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Transformation - Cambodia

12 Jun, 2019

Witnessing transformation... inside and out.

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Accept, Modify or Reject - Thailand

05 Jun, 2019

The Ethnic Thai faith communities are developing their own ways of following Jesus.

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A Decade's Work - Malawi

29 May, 2019

Celebrating an achievement (more than) ten years in the making.

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Prayers Answered - Thailand

22 May, 2019

Prayer is a powerful thing. 

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Seeking Daily - Central Asia

15 May, 2019

Pete and Nomes are seeking God's guidance daily.  

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Culture of Language - Cambodia

08 May, 2019

Kim explores how language communicates more than just words. 

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Stories to Share - Mozambique

01 May, 2019

In a video update, Cam and Kath share stories of God at work.

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Impact - South Asia

24 Apr, 2019

Responding to the need and seeking God. 

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One Story of Many - Malawi

17 Apr, 2019

Faith in the face of challenges. 

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Vision Becoming Reality - Thailand

10 Apr, 2019

A growing, vibrant faith community...

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Heart Transformation - Thailand

03 Apr, 2019

A local believer shares her story. 

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Ordinary/Extraordinary Life - Cambodia

27 Mar, 2019

Look again... ordinary life moments are actually extraordinary. 

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Accepting the Dust - Cambodia

20 Mar, 2019

Rob and Deb are focussing on what's important. 

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Doing Life Together - Mozambique

13 Mar, 2019

Sally is building a house... and establishing a home among the Yawo.

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Openness - Thailand

06 Mar, 2019

What does it mean to be intentionally open to God and others?

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Daily Life - Cambodia

27 Feb, 2019

Another video update from Craig and Kim!

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Wholistic Transformation - South Asia

20 Feb, 2019

One woman's story of faith. 

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Witnessing God at Work - Silk Road Area

13 Feb, 2019

Each conversation and every little interaction matters. 

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One Day - Cambodia

06 Feb, 2019

Praying for that 'one day' to come.

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Just the Beginning - Lebanon

30 Jan, 2019

Milard and Joyce welcome many new people. 

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Dictionary Launch - Malawi

23 Jan, 2019

Exciting video news report from MBC News on the dictionary launch. 

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Intercultural Creativity - Mozambique

16 Jan, 2019

Bek shares her experience of creativity in intercultural mission. 

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Ordinary People, Extraordinary God - Central Asia

09 Jan, 2019

Pete and Nomes are trusting God every step of the way.

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Beginnings of a Friendship - Cambodia

19 Dec, 2018

Kim shares the story of how a lemon birthday cake helped spark a growing friendship. 

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A New Chief - Mozambique

12 Dec, 2018

God is at work in the new chief's life.

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So Much to Celebrate - Mozambique

05 Dec, 2018

A newborn and a new life in Jesus.

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Part of God's Work - South East Asia

28 Nov, 2018

Joining hands with workers, past and present, Daz and Bee know they are part of God's work.

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The Harvest is Plentiful – Thailand

21 Nov, 2018

… but the workers are few. Liz shares the story of a recent day among the Ethnic Thai. 

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A Space to Share - Cambodia

14 Nov, 2018

Preparing vegetables for market becomes an opportunity to share life. 

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Being Shaped - South East Asia

07 Nov, 2018

In their preparation, Pat and Joy are being shaped for intercultural ministry.

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Invited to Share - Mozambique

31 Oct, 2018

Ben is excited to be invited to share stories of Jesus with another group.

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Disability Inclusion - Silk Road Area

24 Oct, 2018

Petra begins working with children with disabilities and their families.

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Giving it all to God - Thailand

17 Oct, 2018

In a situation out of her comfort zone, Liz knows it has to be all God.

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Finding Treasure - South East Asia

10 Oct, 2018

Two people find the greatest treasure.

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New Believers - Thailand

03 Oct, 2018

New believers influence new believers among the Ethnic Thai.

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Anticipation - Cambodia

25 Sep, 2018

Teamwork – working together towards a common goal.

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Beginnings - Cambodia

19 Sep, 2018

Craig and Kim give us a glimpse of their first 100 days in Cambodia via video.

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Invited In - Mozambique

12 Sep, 2018

Trust grows between the team and the Yawo community.

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This is Where I have Called You - Cambodia

05 Sep, 2018

New team member Megan shares a powerful story.

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Communities Transformed - Central Asia

29 Aug, 2018

We celebrate the success of the sheep loan project!

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Where is the Grass Greener? - Cambodia

22 Aug, 2018

Rob and Deb are reminded where the grass is greener.

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Tell us a Story - Mozambique

15 Aug, 2018

Bek is present and willing to be used to by God. 

Read more

Never Alone - South East Asia

01 Aug, 2018

In an overwhelming moment, God reassures Bee she's never alone.

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Friends Reunited - Cambodia

25 Jul, 2018

After time in Australia, Catherine reconnects with Khmer friends.

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Sharing Stories - Silk Road Area

18 Jul, 2018

A shared meal with K friends leads to storytelling.

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Questions and Reflections - Mozambique

12 Jul, 2018

We know that it will take contextualised gospel, expressing Jesus in ways that are understandable and accessible within different cultures...

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New Way, New Hope and New Life - Thailand

03 Jul, 2018

We pray that heart's will be open to receiving the Good News; and that a new way, a new hope and a new life will be revealed to them.

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Trusting God with it All - Malawi

27 Jun, 2018

Day by day, a Yawo woman trusts God.

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Active Witness - South East Asia

20 Jun, 2018

A follower of Jesus in South East Asia influences many. 

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God Opens Doors - Thailand

13 Jun, 2018

God uses an ordinary situation to spark a conversation. 

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Sowing Seeds - Cambodia

06 Jun, 2018

Preparing soil and sharing Good News.

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God's Word Accessible - Thailand

30 May, 2018

A lecturer places the Bible in an unlikely library. 

Read more

Being Accepted - Mozambique

23 May, 2018

Cam experiences a change as he sits and listens.

Read more

What do you do? - Silk Road Area

16 May, 2018

Ben and Petra respond to a common question. 

Read more

Early Days - Central Asia

10 May, 2018

Pete and Nomes experience the beginnings of a friendship.  

Read more

Engaging with God's Word - South Asia

02 May, 2018

B believers thoughtfully engage with Scripture.

Read more

Choosing Jesus - South East Asia

24 Apr, 2018

Mrs I has taken a step of faith.

Read more

A New Person - Thailand

18 Apr, 2018

The team witnesses a transformation. 

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Spiritual Conversations - Thailand

11 Apr, 2018

An unlikely area of common ground opens the opportunity for a conversation about Jesus. 

Read more

Friendship and Fitness - Silk Road Area

04 Apr, 2018

In all areas of life, the team connects with K people.

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Physical Transformation - Mozambique

28 Mar, 2018

Joy as a Yawo man walks again.

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Witnessing Growth - Mozambique

21 Mar, 2018

Team members excited to witness Yawo men grow in faith. 

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Believers Brought Together - South Asia

14 Mar, 2018

God brings two secret believers together.

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Regular Catch Ups - Mozambique

07 Mar, 2018

A group of Yawo women include Sally in their gatherings. 

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God in the Everyday - Outback Australia

28 Feb, 2018

A safe place for conversations about life and Jesus develops. 

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God is Active - Central Asia

21 Feb, 2018

Kevin is reminded again that God is already at work.

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Stay Close While I am Away - Thailand

14 Feb, 2018

A small Bible study group faithfully meets...

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Enthusiasm for God's Word - South Asia

07 Feb, 2018

Teaching his own people with depth and conviction.

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A Heart for His People - Outback Australia

31 Jan, 2018

"I want to encourage people..."

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The Words of Jesus Lead to Life - South East Asia

24 Jan, 2018

God prompts Mrs I to open the door. 

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A Common Thread - Silk Road Area

17 Jan, 2018

Like most friendships, finding a common thread is where everything begins.

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New Group - Mozambique

10 Jan, 2018

A small Bible storytelling group begins meeting.

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Nurturing Seeds - Silk Road Area

02 Jan, 2018

It takes time for faith to grow.

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The Power of Witness - Thailand

20 Dec, 2017

Mr M meets Jesus.

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On the Journey - Cambodia

13 Dec, 2017

A Khmer man walks with Jesus.

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Decades of Faithful Witness - South Asia

06 Dec, 2017

A B man's faith in Jesus stays strong.

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Spreading Out - Thailand

29 Nov, 2017

A young believer moves away for study.

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Opening Gates - Silk Road Area

21 Nov, 2017

As time passes, Ben and Petra are welcomed in. 

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Saying Goodbye - Mozambique

15 Nov, 2017

The team journeys with the Yawo in life and grief.

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Finding Common Ground - Central Asia

08 Nov, 2017

A local festival and legend sparks conversation.

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Thank You Jesus! - Cambodia

01 Nov, 2017

God's healing power demonstrated.

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Connecting Over Language

25 Oct, 2017

Intercultural workers build friendships with their language nurturers.

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New Beginnings - Thailand

18 Oct, 2017

Team members move to a new place. 

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Small Steps of Faith - South East Asia

11 Oct, 2017

Journeying together.

Read more

Learning Side by Side - Cambodia

04 Oct, 2017

Cultural immersion that opens doors.

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Overcoming Suspicion – Thailand

27 Sep, 2017

Genuine relationships of trust take time

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Young People - Zambia and Zimbabwe

20 Sep, 2017

Training is needed.

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Faithful Witness - Outback Australia

13 Sep, 2017

A woman's faith is reborn. 

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Whole Communities - Mozambique

06 Sep, 2017

Praying for communities to be transformed by the message of Jesus.

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Changing the Rules - Cambodia

30 Aug, 2017

Khmer tennis coaches discover an unexpected truth about Jesus.

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Seeking Explanation - Mozambique

23 Aug, 2017

A Yawo man seeks to discern God's voice following a dream. 

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Searching for Meaning - Central Asia

16 Aug, 2017

Kevin journeys with an H friend.  

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Faith Grows in the Midst of Challenges - Cambodia

09 Aug, 2017

Mrs S continues to praise God.

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It All Begins with a Conversation

02 Aug, 2017

​Whether sitting in a village in Malawi, a yurt on the Silk Road or a temple in Thailand, it always begins with a conversation.

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Slowly Faith Grows - Thailand

19 Jul, 2017

After initially being unsure, Mrs B and her granddaughter are now part of the faith community.

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Making Opportunities - Silk Road Area

12 Jul, 2017

Through English teaching, the team is forming connections within the community. 

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Spiritual Conversations - South East Asia

28 Jun, 2017

Through the cafe, Miss I has the opportunity to hear about Jesus.  

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Chats Over Coffee - Cambodia

21 Jun, 2017

Over their morning coffee, Rob and Deb are building a good friendship with a local Khmer family.

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The Way of Grace - South Asia

14 Jun, 2017

A B woman's eyes are opened to the way of grace because of her husband's faith.

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Invitation of Friendship - Silk Road Area

05 Jun, 2017

Eliza is invited to spend time with a group of K women in their rare time of rest.

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Testimonies of God's Goodness - Malawi

31 May, 2017

Yawo believers share their experiences of God's power in their lives.

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Holding Strong to Faith - South East Asia

24 May, 2017

Rieka's faith is growing and she wants to share the Good News with her family... no matter the cost. 

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Forgiveness and Healing - Thailand

17 May, 2017

The healing of an Ethnic Thai believer inspires the faith of others. 

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Tennis Community Connections - Cambodia

10 May, 2017

The team is growing relationships through their tennis program. 

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Following the Same God - Thailand

03 May, 2017

An Ethnic Thai women chooses to follow Jesus and be baptised. 

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Sharing the Easter Story - South East Asia

26 Apr, 2017

Max and Ezzie use eggs as a window for their B.I friends to connect with the Easter Story.  

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Growing Ministry Among Workers - Bangladesh

19 Apr, 2017

Ministry grows among garment factory workers in Bangladesh.  

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Exploring God's Word - Malawi

12 Apr, 2017

Yawo women explore the story of the Prodigal Son.

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From English Lessons to Faith - Central Asia

05 Apr, 2017

A young student decides to follow Jesus in Central Asia.  

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"...God is my Provider" - Thailand

29 Mar, 2017

Noy, an Ethnic Thai believer, was recently baptised.

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Leaving Law, Accepting Grace - South Asia

22 Mar, 2017

Through conversations, Joseph's heart changed and he moved from relying on law to accepting grace.

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Monk to Disciple - Thailand

15 Mar, 2017

A former monk responds to the message of Jesus.

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Responding with Forgiveness - Outback Australia

08 Mar, 2017

An indigenous church leader, Kara, responds with forgiveness after hurt.  

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Wholistic Projects - South Asia

01 Mar, 2017

In South Asia, much of our work is in partnership with an NGO. 

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God's Love Overcomes Fear - South East Asia

22 Feb, 2017

The team in South East Asia is journeying with local staff and students at the Education Foundation. 

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Local Leader Profile - Thailand

15 Feb, 2017

Mae Phan is now one of the Ethnic Thai faith community leaders. 

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Dwelling Deeply on Scripture - Cambodia

08 Feb, 2017

Som spent four years as a Buddhist monk before working day and night as a moto taxi driver to help contribute to his family’s rice-farming income. 

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Children Meet Jesus - Malawi

01 Feb, 2017

One day after playing with a few local boys, Tim and Mel’s son Jarred asked his parents if they could pray for one of his new friend.

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Keen to Read the Bible - Central Asia

25 Jan, 2017

Kevin serves in Central Asia predominantly among H university students.

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Bold Faith - Thailand

18 Jan, 2017

An Ethnic Thai follower of Jesus, Den, had to make funeral arrangements for a relative. 

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Everyday Connections - Silk Road Area

11 Jan, 2017

Every day the team interacts with K people as they go about their daily lives in the Silk Road Area.

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The Gift of New Life - South East Asia

04 Jan, 2017

​It’s so exciting for the team in South East Asia to see local people hear and respond to the Good News.

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21 Dec, 2016

​David and Eliza have been living in the Silk Road Area for the past year.

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14 Dec, 2016

​Over the past decade, there has been amazing transformation among the Ethnic Thai communities we serve.

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07 Dec, 2016

For 20 years, Ian and Wendy served in Malawi.

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30 Nov, 2016

Max and Ezzie are serving among the B.I and making connections within their community. 

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23 Nov, 2016

Scott and Janelle recently returned to Cambodia and visited some Khmer friends.

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16 Nov, 2016

When at a store recently, Bek was approached by a young salesman.

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09 Nov, 2016

Paul recently had an amazing experience while visiting friends.

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02 Nov, 2016

​Before they completed their service in South East Asia Luke and Felicity visited friends from the S.I people group.

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26 Oct, 2016

​Morris recently spoke with a man, Das, in South Asia.

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19 Oct, 2016

In Malawi, there are groups meeting often to study the Bible. 

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06 Oct, 2016

​David and Eliza spend time each day learning the culture and language. 

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01 Oct, 2016

​Kevin headed to a coffee shop to study for a language exam. 

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30 Sep, 2016

Scott challenges us to live out 'who we are'.

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28 Sep, 2016

 ​Kevin’s former language tutor Bb was a young man from the H people group.

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01 Sep, 2016

​Catherine arrived home one evening to find her friends Maly and Sokchea patiently sitting and waiting for her.

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01 Jul, 2016

A man is healed in a Yawo village

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01 Jul, 2016

A girl receives treatment to walk.

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01 Jun, 2016

Faith communities in Thailand gathered together for a Bible camp.

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01 May, 2016

Jesus appeared to a lady in a dream.

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01 Apr, 2016

K farmer invites intercultural workers to spend time with him.

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Authentic Friendships - Central Asia

01 Apr, 2016

One of our workers, R, and Xiao Ma have built a friendship based on mutual trust and respect.

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Listening to the Word of God - Thailand

01 Apr, 2016

Talks on MP3 players spread the story of God's love amongst our friends in Thailand.

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Expressing Faith in Jesus - Cambodia

01 Apr, 2016

Som's eagerness turned into passion.

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Looking to Jesus - South Asia

01 Apr, 2016

Selem faces an uncertain future but he copes with his tough life by looking to Jesus.

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Becoming a New Person - Silk Road Area

01 Apr, 2016

Our team is seeing the impacts of their work as a young man starts to change his life.

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Cost of Being a Disciple - Malawi

01 Apr, 2016

Bulayo is the first follower of Jesus in his village.

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Powerful Dreams - South East Asia

01 Mar, 2016

Mrs R had three dreams in which Jesus appeared to her.

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01 Mar, 2016

Larni seeks advice from Intercultural Worker Bek about her nightmares. 

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01 Feb, 2016

Student struggling with insecurity hears that God loves her. 

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01 Jan, 2016

Former Buddhist monk overwhelmed with the love of God

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01 Dec, 2015

Dreams of Jesus lead Mrs R to put her faith in Him

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01 Nov, 2015

Channy has no doubts that God is real

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01 Oct, 2015

Ami now regards scared and wrinkled working hands as beautiful.

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01 Sep, 2015

Mr. Ant has just completed a literacy course and asked to buy a Ciyawo Bible.

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01 Aug, 2015

English classes builds friendships with the K people.

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01 Jul, 2015

A Khmer man learns to play tennis and about Jesus.

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01 Jun, 2015

A farmer decides to follow Jesus and listens to the Bible on a recording device.

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01 May, 2015

A local student asks intercultural workers for a Bible

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01 Apr, 2015

Ethnic Thai believer comes ready to be baptised.

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01 Mar, 2015

B believer asked to be baptised 

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01 Oct, 2014

FIFA World Cup fever comes to town and inspires a community sports festival.

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01 Aug, 2014

A local believer shares his hope with the disabled community.

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01 Jul, 2014

Ian begins studying the Bible with the village chief.

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01 Jun, 2014

Lulu supports a student as he seeks for the truth

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01 May, 2014

Dave and Edwina have a significant conversation with their neighbour.

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