Jesus invites us to share the Gospel with all the world (Mt 28:16). Your loving Gift in Will can make that happen.

Giving any sum of money or even 1% of your estate to Baptist Mission Australia (ABN 74 130 443 130) can make an eternal difference.
We know you’ll want to look after those closest to you first. And by including a gift in your Will you’ll also be helping those closes to you remember how much Jesus’ love means to you and them. 
In 1882 two Australian Baptist missionaries were sent by Australian supporters to India. Today there are over 150,000 believers in many different countries. Thanks to people just like you. These thousands of believers will be with us amongst the great multitude praising Jesus. But there are still more who don’t know Jesus. Your loving Gift in Will can help more people hear about Jesus.

Why have a Will?

A Will is for everyone. Not just for the wealthy.

A Will means your desires for your estate and those closest to you will be carried out. They don’t need to be expensive or complicated but legal advice will ensure your will is clear and effective.

How to Get Started

  1. Speak with your solicitor about including a Baptist Mission Australia as a beneficiary of your Will. See suggested wording below.
  2. Let Baptist Mission Australia know of your plan so we can thank you and ensure we understand how to best honour your generosity. Also contact us if you have any questions prior to establishing your Gift in Will. 
  3. Speak with your family and loved ones so they understand your desire to invest in God's Kingdom.  

Suggested wording to help you succeed in making or changing a Will or codicil.
The words below are a suggestion only. Your solicitor will provide you the best advice on the wording for a Will.

“I give:
  • The residue (or percentage) of my estate: or
  • The sum of $ (amount or properties or securities) 
To Baptist Mission Australia Inc (ABN 74 130 443 130), 597 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, Victoria 3122 for its charitable purposes. I declare the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer of Baptist Mission Australia Inc for the time being shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor for the said bequest.”

What Difference Will My Gift Make?

Your compassionate Gift in Will can be part of helping fulfil Jesus’ great commission. Becoming a Gift in Will donor means you will be helping other people stand with you amongst the multitudes praising Jesus.

Any sum of money in your will can help people know Jesus. Here are some examples:
  • Your kind gift of $440 in your Will helps equip and encourage an intercultural team member spiritually by enabling them to attend a spiritual retreat.
  • Your strategic gift of $2,400 in your Will trains an intercultural team member in language so they can speak about Jesus. 
  • Your thoughtful gift of $5,390 will provide leadership training for local church leaders in Papua New Guinea, investing into their people.
  • Your caring gift of $16,990 will help fund an English teaching platform for a year amongst the K people. This pays local staff, and meets a need in the community. It provides an opportunity for relationship building in the name of Jesus.
  • Your loving gift of $39,500 will help translate the Bible into Ciyawo, the heart language of the Yawo in Mozambique. You will be helping them meet Jesus.
For a 140 years Baptist Mission Australia has been helping people hear the good news of Jesus. We are independently accredited and audited. Your loving Gift in Will can help more people hear about Jesus, creating vibrant faith communities. So every tribe, nation, and language group can join in praising Jesus.

A Story of Eternal Significance

Waindi is a Yawo man in Malawi.

Your compassionate gift means Waindi will be amongst those praising Jesus in the great multitude.

One night something remarkable happened to Waindi. Jesus spoke him in a dream. He chose to follow Jesus. He began to tell others about Jesus. Including his friend Twaibu. Twaibu also couldn’t keep this good news to himself, and told more friends, including Mary.

One day Mary’s daughter was badly burnt.

So Waindi, Twaibu, and Tim, one of your intercultural team members began praying with Mary. Praying for her daughter’s life. Her daughter recovered. Mary knew that this was Jesus's power at work. The good news about Jesus brought them together.

“My story is about faith in Jesus. Dear God, thank you for changing my life, and the lives of my friends.”– Waindi

God brought Waindi to himself. He also used you in Waindi’s story. Your generosity, and faithful prayer meant there were intercultural team members who helped Waindi learn about Jesus in his own language. Your loving support meant Waindi could read about Jesus in his own language, and be equipped to share it with his friends like Twaibu.

Your support took the Gospel to the Yawo in Malawi. Your Gift in Will can take the Gospel even further.

Becoming a Gift in Will donor is helping fulfil the great commission. Let us know so we can celebrate and pray with you for all those your Gift in Will can reach for Jesus.

The future of Baptist Mission Australia’s ministry will be built on today’s planned Gift in Wills. Together with our most faithful donors we will continue to help people know Jesus for another 140 years. If you’ve left a gift to Baptist Mission Australia so people can hear about Jesus, please let us know so we can be praying for you. And celebrate with you!

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