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Crossing the Street series (Belinda Groves, Geoff Maddock, Scott Pilgrim and more)

Theme 1: Sent like the Son
Passages: John 20:1-23 and Mark 1:9-15
Sermon from:

[Sermon] Sent Like the Son - Scott Pilgrim

[Sermon] Sent Like The Son - Belinda Groves

[Sermon] Sent Like the Son - Ben, Mozambique

Theme 2: Meeting people where they are
Passage: John 4:1-38
Sermons from:

[Sermon 2] Meeting People Where They Are - Beth Jackson

[Sermon 2] Meeting People Where They Are - Muana, Thailand


[Sermon 2] Meeting People Where They Are - Scott Pilgrim

Theme 3: Modelling the heart of Jesus
Passage: Luke 7: 11-17
Sermons from:

[Sermon 3] Modelling the Heart of Jesus - Geoff Maddock

[Sermon] Modelling the Heart of Jesus - Scott Pilgrim

Theme 4: Being the good news together
Passage: Luke 10:30-37
Sermons from:

[Sermon 4] Being the Good News Together - Kath, Mozambique

[Sermon 4] Being the Good News Together - Scott Pilgrim

[Sermon 4] Being the Good News Together - Bob Rogers

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Vibrant Communities series (Scott Pilgrim, Ken Kamau, Yvette Cherry and more)

Theme 1 
Vibrant communities... Following Jesus in their own distinctive ways


Theme 2
Vibrant communities... Sharing God's love  


Theme 3
Vibrant communities... Humbly contextualising the Good News


Theme 4
Vibrant communities... Partnering together


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In Step series (Melinda Cousins, Scott Pilgrim, Keith Jobberns and Dan McGrechan)

Theme 1: Faith not Religion is Central
  • Scott Pilgrim, Baptist Mission Australia Executive Director

theme 2: In Step with Jesus
  • Melinda Cousins, Director of Ministries SA

theme 3: In Step with Others
  • Dan McGrechan, former WA State Leader
theme 4: In Step with God's Mission
  • Keith Jobberns, former National Ministries Director of Australian Baptist Ministries

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