2019 marked a milestone year in Baptist Mission Australia’s ministry in Zambia. 50 years ago, when the first Australian Baptist workers arrived to begin medical work and Bible teaching, we only imagined the vibrant ministry celebrated today. In 1983, Baptist Mission Australia was invited to work alongside the Baptist Union of Zimbabwe.

Today, the development of future church leaders is a priority for the local churches and a Young Peoples Training Program has been established. In partnership with the Baptist Unions of Zambia and Zimbabwe, Baptist Mission Australia offers training, scholarships and ongoing support.
For Zambia and Zimbabwe the economic impacts of COVID have been worse than the virus. Without technology, most rural churches have had difficulty gathering at all and most pastors have needed to return to subsistence farming. Please pray with us for the pastors and leaders of the Central and Northern Baptist Associations of Zambia, the Lighthouse group of Churches and the Baptist Union of Zimbabwe.