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Ministry Story - International Student Ministry

Paul in Sydney writes, "It's been such an encouraging start to the year as I have begun working in partnership with Power to Change at Macquarie University. I'm part of a great team who are deeply passionate about building relationships with international students, showing them love and helping them journey closer towards Jesus... READ MORE >>

Prayer and Praise Points

Thurs 4 April - Wed 17 April

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4 T Australia We a excited to introduce Tash as the newest member of our Australian Intercultural Team. Tash has a heart to serve among Muslim women in Sydney. Pray for churches and individuals to join with her prayerfully and financially. 

5 F Australia Pray for Paul as he connects with international students at Macquarie University. Pray that students seeking hope and belonging will find it in Jesus.   

6 S Australia Mat and Shannon write, “Praise God for the men’s and women’s Bible study groups. Pray that they would lead to a deepening understanding and application of God’s Word in their lives.” 

7 S South Asia In this final week of Ramadan, pray that local believers will be able to share about their God - one who is interested in relationship and reconciliation with people, rather than ritual.

8 M South Asia Ryan and Suzie are making final preparations to relocate to South Asia to serve full-time. Pray that they will receive the financial support they need in order to make the big move.

9 T South Asia Fiona recently returned from a visit to South Asia. She was encouraged to see the local midwives putting into practice things she had taught in previous visits. Pray for better outcomes for mothers and babies.  

10 W Silk Road Area Pray for Eliza, Mel and Suzanne as they journey alongside the local teachers at the English Centre. Mel writes, “Thank the Father for the openness of some of the language teachers we work alongside.”

11 T Silk Road Area Lydia and Calvin are immersing themselves into K life. Pray for their friendships with ‘E’ and ‘L’. Give thanks for the recent opportunities they have had to engage in deeper conversations of life, faith and family with K friends.   

12 F Silk Road Area Suzanne and Mel are both part of local fitness groups for women. Pray for these relationships to continue to deepen as they participate in these community groups. Pray for God’s Spirit to lead them to connect with K women who are open to exploring who Jesus is.

13 S Thailand Lift up Dema and Carolyn as they live alongside their Thai friends and look for opportunities to share God’s love in relevant ways. Pray for Dema’s local language nurturer who attended a recent faith community event. Pray that he will have a growing Gospel curiosity.

14 S Thailand Give thanks for the relationship doors that have opened for Villy through her hairdressing ministry. Through offering free hair services, she has the opportunity to connect with many women. Pray that God will at work through their conversations.

15 M Thailand Give thanks that the faith communities were recently able to gather with our team for a camp. Pray for the faith of the believers to continue to grow as they learn, pray and fellowship together.  

16 T May Mission Month Pray that God uses the Mending! resources to spark mission imagination, attentiveness and action. Pray for Baptist Mission Australia speakers as they prepare to share at churches and connect with supporters. 

17 W May Mission Month Pray that as Australian church communities engage with how God is at work around the world, many will be inspired to ask God how He is leading them to join with Him in His restorative vision for their neighbourhoods and the world.