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Ministry Story - Training leaders, outback australia

Bush Training Camps are back on!  Team Leader Vivian writes, "Praise God that for the first time in around seven years a combined Bush Training Camp was recently held. Approximately 35 believers and church leaders gathered for the training, along with our full team... READ MORE >>

Prayer and Praise Points
Thurs 4 Aug - Wed 17 Aug

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4 T Thailand It is currently ‘Buddhist Lent’, a time where Buddhists cleanse themselves of the ‘bad’ in their life. Pray with the team that during this time of renewed spiritual activity, doors of dialogue between Buddhists and followers of Jesus will be opened.

5 F Thailand The team writes, “Please pray that Jesus would speak to our Buddhist friends through dreams and other encounters. Pray that He would be revealed as the true Light of the world.”

6 S Thailand Give thanks for the growth of confidence and teaching skills that Muana and Villy are witnessing in the local faith leaders. Pray for more leaders to be equipped.

7 S Thailand Glenn has recently started culture and language lessons with a new local teacher. Pray for their relationship to grow.

8 M Mozambique Praise God for the recent healing of a Yawo women Sally is friends with. Mamma M, Sally’s friend, said, “God is big. He has helped me.” Pray for this encounter to open more opportunities for conversations about Jesus. 

9 T Mozambique Pray with Sally for another Yawo friend. Sally shares, “Mama L is on a journey of discovering Jesus. As we sit together and read God’s word, please pray that His truths will take root in her heart.”

10 W Mozambique Lift up Ben and Sam as they journey with Yawo friends. Pray for deep cultural understanding as they share stories and listen to their friends.  

11 T South East Asia Mike is celebrating one year on location in South East Asia! Give thanks for his heart to serve God in place where few have heard the good news in a way they can understand.  

12 F South East Asia Pray for Ezzie and Max as they prepare to return to South East Asia this month. Pray for God’s protection as they travel, and His presence as they settle back in and reconnect with their local friends. 

13 S South East Asia Give thanks for the life-changing impact of the team’s ministry initiatives. Pray for the team to connect with people of peace who are open to exploring who Jesus is. Pray for whole-of-life transformation as people experience God’s love through word and action. 

14 S Silk Road Area Pray for Mel as she invests in hours of culture and language learning each week so she can communicate the Gospel in relevant ways. Pray for perseverance, good retention and encouragement as she learns. 

15 M Silk Road Area Lift up Suzanne as she prepares to join the team among the K people. Pray for her continued spiritual, emotional and physical preparation. Pray for many people and churches to partner with her and her ministry.

16 T Partners Give thanks for the faithful, prayerful and passionate people who partner with our intercultural teams. Pray for them to know God’s love, peace and presence in their lives.

17 W Australian Churches Pray for Australian church communities as they navigate challenges and discern God’s leading. Pray for more opportunities for local churches to step out and cross the street with the hope of Jesus in their neighbourhoods and beyond. 

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