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Ministry Story - meeting people where they surf, WA

"Andrew Hamilton is a Pastor at Quinns Baptist Church in WA and an avid surfer. In this video, Andrew shares how he meets people where they are in his everyday life. It's a wonderful encouragement for all of us that, most of time, mission isn't about the big, spectacular moments. Instead, it's about the ordinary... WATCH VIDEO >> 

Prayer and Praise Points

Thurs 12 May - Wed 25 May

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12 T South East Asia Praise God for the impact of the Education Foundation as local people are employed, trained and invited into a space where the good news of Jesus can be explored.

13 F South East Asia Pray for the team as they journey with local believers and seekers. Pray for Ally, Ando, Kate and Mike as they settle into life in South East Asia and invest in their culture and language learning.

14 S Indochina Lift up the people of Indochina. Pray for God’s Spirit to grow a new curiosity to hear about Jesus in the hearts of many.

15 S May Mission Month Give thanks for the passionate and faithful women and men who advocate for our workers and ministry in their churches.

16 M Indochina Pray for Mark and Ngoc as they parent their baby daughter Maia. Pray for clarity and God’s wisdom as they re-establish a ministry among people with disabilities.

17 T Thailand Pray for the local believers and faith leaders. Give thanks for their testimonies and pray that they will keep reaching out to their community with the hope of Jesus.

18 W Thailand Pray for protection and good health for the team in Thailand. Pray for God’s guidance as they seek to build relationships with people of peace.

19 T Cambodia Pray for healing for Khmer people who remain scarred from past trauma. Pray for communities to be wholistically transformed through experiencing God’s love through word and deed.

20 F Cambodia Pray for the team in Cambodia as they embark on new ministry initiatives. Pray for opportunities to build rich relationships with Khmer people through this work.

21 S Outback Australia Give thanks for the faithful First Nations church leaders who are discipling the next generation.

22 S May Mission Month Pray for growing awareness about what God is doing around the world, particularly through our teams.

23 M Outback Australia Pray for the team as they walk alongside local believers. Lift up Mat, Shannon and their four children as the only team members who live in Outback Australia.

24 T Urban and Regional Australia Pray for this new ministry location as Daniel, and Siddique and Fozia prepare to serve among communities in NSW. Pray for churches and individuals to partner with this work.

25 W Zambia Pray for church leaders to be equipped, trained and sustained. Pray for God’s provision and protection for those in need.  
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