Thank You for Praying!

Wednesday 15 Sep

Luke and Rachel share of the power of prayer during their first years in Cambodia.

I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear toward me; hear my words. [Psalm 17:6]

"During our first term in Cambodia, we were often encouraged and strengthened by the prayers that we knew so many were praying for us. Always, the next message of prayer, encouragement and support was never far away. And just as we knew many were praying for us, we also knew many were and still are praying for Cambodia, its people and our entire team.

Thank you.

Living interculturally brings a lot of excitement and joy - like when we have the opportunity to share something of Jesus with our Khmer friends and neighbours. Such as Sarah and her family who live just down the road from us, Simon, who Luke met at the Buddhist temple in town, and Mrs F who Rachel visits while walking 'Aussie' the dog. These relationships and others are bearing fruit, and we believe that God has good things in store.

But also, intercultural life brings its challenges and tough times too. And none greater these past few years than figuring out life amidst COVID. While our life in Cambodia was certainly disrupted, the disruptions and inconveniences we experienced in Cambodia have been small compared to the realities that many Khmer people have been facing. Prayer is so important at times such as these."
- Luke and Rachel, intercultural workers in Cambodia

Thank you for partnering with our teams in prayer. Thank you for standing with them as they serve God and share His love in challenging places. 

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