A Common Thread - Silk Road Area

Wednesday 17 Jan

Like most friendships, finding a common thread is where everything begins.

Over the past year, a friendship has grown around shared interests and hobbies. Team member Ben and a K man, Ned, initially began getting to  know each other through English lessons. As their relationship has developed and trust has grown, more meaningful discussions around family have occurred.

For intercultural team members friendships take time, and the small breakthroughs in learning language and culture through friendships make a world of difference. On one occasion Ned caught up with Ben and wanted him to try a local K milk product. Through this simple act, Ben was being invited by Ned to experience, in a small way, more of K culture.

Ben is looking forward to going fishing with Ned over summer. God is working in this friendship. Common interests, shared experiences, time, and the building of trust are forming the foundation of this friendship as opportunities open for them to share life and faith. Jesus is moving...

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