Never Alone - South East Asia

Wednesday 01 Aug

In an overwhelming moment, God reassures Bee she's never alone.

Daz and Bee joined the team serving in South East Asia less than a month ago. It will take time to transition into life in this new community, and years to develop the language and cultural competency which will form the foundations of deep friendships with local people. Particularly in these early days, there are challenging moments as the family navigates how to live, behave and communicate within a different culture. However, they know God has gone before and called them to be a part of His work in this place. 

Recently Bee was feeling overwhelmed and wondering ‘what am I doing here?’ Soon after this, she met a local person whose smile reminded her why God had sent them here. Through his broken English he warmly invited her and her family to go hiking with his family. For Bee, this simple invitation of friendship felt like a little hug from God. In a moment where she was feeling alone, God reminded her that she is never alone.  « Back to News