A New Chief - Mozambique

Wednesday 12 Dec

God is at work in the new chief's life.

A Yawo friend of Cam and Kath recently became the village chief, and they participated his inauguration ceremony. Chief enthronement ceremonies are big events, filled with singing, drums and dancing, as well as instructions to help the new chief do their job well. 

The incoming chief recently made the decision to follow Jesus, and a few days before the ceremony, he asked Cam and Kath to pray for him at the end of the event. This was very special and an incredible honour. It was a little daunting to pray in Ciyawo in front of hundreds of Yawo people, however it went well and they thank God for giving them the words they needed. 

Praise God for his activity in this Yawo man’s life, drawing Him into a relationship with Jesus and placing him in a position of influence within his community. Pray for wisdom and discernment as he learns how to follow Jesus in distinctly Yawo ways and be a good village chief.  « Back to News