General Store Classes - Thailand

Wednesday 23 Nov

Liz is taking a new opportunity to 'cross the street'.

"The opening of Baan Sawang English Language Centre has been a wonderful experience and we are very excited to see how God is working in that space. Glenn and I have opened our home, backyard and the school and we are loving having people come, but we felt a leading by God to not rely on this. That while an open home was great, we also needed to be looking for more opportunities to 'cross the street'.

After prayer about what this could look like we were excited when an opportunity arose to start an English/Thai exchange class in our local general store/nursery. What happened was, Aunty Nu asked if I would be willing to teach her English. She asked how much I charged per hour, and when I told her I would be willing to teach her for free she seemed a little taken a back.

So, I suggested that if I taught her English for an hour, she could tell me stories in Thai afterwards and that would help me with my Thai. She seemed please with this idea. Then, because it wasn’t going to cost, she asked if I would be willing to come and do it in her store and if I would be OK if she invited others. Being in the general store, I also got to introduce myself and meet a hand full of locals that I had never met.

A perfect answer to our prayers!

On our second meeting, at the end of our class the women started asking questions about my family. They wanted to know why I was kind and happy to teach them for free, and why my husband was so happy and nice to everyone. I took the opportunity to share with them that Glenn was kind because he loves Jesus.

Please pray that as these relationships develop, I will find ways to show God’s love to these women. And pray that there will be more opportunities to share about Jesus with them." - Liz, intercultural team member in Thailand « Back to News